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Dec/Jan Bronzeback Poll

Terry Dodge

Bronzeback Poll Question Dec/Jan  

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  1. 1. I would like to see more articles on kayak fishing tactics for smallmouth.

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An article here and there would be useful. There are a lot of kayak fishing resources out there, but if someone would like to share some insights/ personal experience in the bulletin I think it would be good. It seems there is a growing interest among ISA members in fishing from a kayak.

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I would like to see more articles, period. So I did not vote because my choice was not there. No doubt kayaks are a great tool for getting there though we have covered that topic in a lot of articles on this site. There are Sit-ins, Sit on tops, and even Stand up paddle models now. Add the name Fisherman to the general brand and the price goes up. (The basic Tonka is $300; the Tonka Fisherman with live well, rod holders, beverage cooler, anchor hoist, sonar, and GPS is $3000.) As sceptical as I may be, I have to say that they are all great when the water is over your head. Now I will change my vote to Sure why not.

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Really, I catch many more fish on foot. You lose sight angles in warm months fishing in a kayak.


There are times when a kayak can't be beat. Colder water, up a bit, no chance of spooking fish, stained water, really big water, ferocious buzzbait bite.


Your kayak hitting rocks, plunging into holes spooks fish you could have caught wading.

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