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  1. Could be a CSS issue, or an outdated version of PHP. Worth having tech support look into it....
  2. Looks like the last version upgrade went awry, as quite a few of the graphics for buttons no longer load on mobile:
  3. “Professional fish” 😄
  4. July 3, the launch at 135th had every spot full and cars three rows deep into the grass. River was full of tubers. Eaton Preserve packed too with everyone heading to the river. Seeing a lot more tubing, rafting, leisure floating on the Fox too. I’m sure lots trying to beat the heat and spend time outdoors. Kind of a weird summer, to put it mildly! River water is basically pea soup now with the constant heat. Or pee soup, depending at how you look at it! 😉
  5. I know it's not the ISA's, but the sign under ours about the water usage stamps -- those are now defunct, correct? Thanks for posting the yellow signs.
  6. Thanks. Get a Ketch board. Heard they are gonna make an aluminum one now too. https://ketchproducts.com/collections/fresh-water
  7. Scroll to bottom of pages for tournament results: Super Duper: Round 1: https://tourneyx.com/app/tourney/super-duper-round-1-west-branch-dupage-river Super Duper Round 2: https://tourneyx.com/app/tourney/super-duper-round-2-west-branch-dupage-river There’s a Fox River kayak fishing tourney this Saturday, June 20: https://tourneyx.com/app/tourney/fantastic-river-fox-fox-river-il
  8. Oof! Ron K. rolling over in his grave. 😢 https://patch.com/illinois/plainfield/village-approves-river-tubing-electric-park Fished a Dupe bass tourney a couple weeks ago. Only six kayak anglers. Anyway, floated from Black Road down to Shepley Road. Lots of tubers from Cottage Street (59) on. Bad down towards Shepley. Drunk and raucous. Saving grace was some nice curvy and rocky runs down that way. Much different than the farm fields of southern Naperville and Plainfield. Worth exploring.
  9. I look forward to plucking those lost DT-4s and 6s out of log jams while kayaking. 🤭 On a serious note, careful on those depths. Squarebills and wake baits will get it done, as will swim jigs and spinnerbaits. Wouldn’t even consider tossing a long bill in our local rivers.
  10. Cool story bro. Nice to read about your adventures.
  11. Sounds worse than it is. It’s literally only a handful of participants. Would be nice to have more interest in local, smallmouth-only tournaments. People are gonna be out fishing anyway!
  12. My brother-in-law is an aquatic biologist with the State of Kentucky and found this beautiful valley flame crayfish in Russell Springs, KY while doing field work on March 16. Thought is was neat looking!
  13. Shifting precipitation patterns, more frequent rainfall. You can read up on it here: https://www.americanrivers.org/threats-solutions/clean-water/impacts-rivers/
  14. It certainly is perplexing! I suspect that it’s related to global warming and how the upper Midwest in general is draining. I’ll be surprised if we ever see flows of 900 to 1,200 CFS for extended periods like we were used to. Higher and faster seems to be our new reality. Now if we could only get rid of the dams on the Fox!
  15. That’s a winner for sure! I saw that on the Strike King IG page. Very creative!
  16. Great story. Love that the angler took care of the fish and ensured a healthy release. That is really respectable. Kudos to him! I’d like to see IL have a record for both lake AND river smallmouth. That would better represent the species.
  17. Wednesday, October 16 @ 7PM http://illinoissmallmouthalliance.net/calendar/1-community-calendar/2019/10/16/
  18. Here we go again! Interesting that September *used to be such a reliable month with mild, stable weather and relatively “normal” water levels — affording anglers some of the best smallmouth fishing of the year. This current round of high water is sure to last into October and much cooler temps. Before we know it, the Chain ‘O Lakes drawdown will be happening (early November) and bump the level once again. Yikes! So much for great fall fishing, at least on the Fox River. 😕
  19. From tourney organizer (and winner) Collin L: Hey all, First, thanks for the interest of those who participated. I hope each time we do these virtual tournaments our numbers grow. I just wanted to add some details, as Eric did, about my catches. My biggest two fish at 20" were indeed caught up north as Eric guessed. I was lucky enough to find this stream in MN this summer and fish it twice this season. While I'd rather not post its name online, I'd offer it up in exchange for some good water in WI. As for the fish, both were caught on a 3/8 oz Terminator Jig in Spring Craw color. As a matter of fact, my two biggest fish on my last trip also came on this same jig. However, at the beginning of Sept MN saw a wicked cold front and water temps plummeted to 60 degrees. Fishing was tough on day 1 of my two day trip and I could only pull fish out from deep wood structure. It took me a few hours to figure this out. The golden colored 20 incher was caught in 8 feet in slow moving water and hit so light I didn't feel it at all until I began to reel. The second 20 came on Sunday middaywhen I was passing under a bridge beneath a highway. It wasn't your normal toss to pilings type of catch as the bridge was more of a long dark tunnel. While floating through I was letting my jig sink along the pitch-black walls and a big one absolutely hammered it to my surprise. I managed to land it without breaking the rest of my poles while slamming into the walls. At the other end of a bridge another angler was trying to figure out how to catch smallies that were annihilating beetles dropping down to the surface from nearby grass/trees. It was a cool sight to see them swimming from 4-5 feet in clear water to the surface for these bugs. So I went to the other side of the river, got out, and waded to the edge of the bridge. gave the ol' jig a couple tosses and on the third cast watched a 19.5" pick it up. The rest is history. Not far down from there bass were still coming to the surface for the beetles so I tied on a weightless, small brown hellgrammite and tossed it at a hunting pack that had just swallowed a beetle. Two twitches later I had a 19.25" in the boat. Prior to this trip I had been fishing the Kankakee and Dupage. While I caught some good fish on the Kankakee, the other 19.5" came from the Dupage under a bridge. I tossed a weightless wacky rig shad/flake colored senko at the head of a logjam located at the front of a bridge piling and let it float by. I felt a thump and set the hook on a fish that had my 6' foot rod nearly doubled over. Those last two days of the tournament I covered 22 miles of river and basically fished from sunrise to sunset on Saturday. I caught good numbers and a few big smallmouth and pike on a spinnerbait and even lost some giants on a whopper plopper 75 though the topwater bite was very slow. It been nice to see that we all have our mishaps and missed fish. Again, I want to say great job to everyone. With me being the director, I want to be as transparent and fair as possible, especially in a tournament that comes down to the wire. As always, if you have questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to pass them on to me. Collin A.K.A. “Riverman”
  20. Also, FYI, Collin setup a few more events for the year: September 28, River Runners “Fall Open” Single-Day Tournament on the Kankakee River https://tourneyx.com/app/tourney/river-runners-fall-open-2019-kankakee-river October 1-30, River Runners “Smallmouth Showdown” Tournament https://tourneyx.com/app/tourney/river-runners-smallmouth-showdown-aug-sept-1 Be sure to read all applicable rules, boundaries, etc. that apply.
  21. Gotcha. I thought it overlapped and maybe you got some shore fishing or wading.
  22. Great to see and hear the ISA President participate in and enjoy a tournament of this nature! Were you able to score any smallies from the Menominee River?
  23. I’m glad to NOT have to carry the bump board around any more, as the Ketch 26” bump board is heavy like a small boat anchor! Forgot to mention that while combing the Fox for big smallmouth, I caught three muskie in August/September while the river was low and the topwater bite was “on”. They all hit topwater and measured 39”; 29”; 31”. Two came on the Whopper Plopper 75 and one on a Megabass Dog-X Diamanté “walk-the-dog” style topwater. I was thankful to have my Lucid Grips with me for easy head control and unhooking over the side of the kayak. The 39” is my largest Fox muskie to date.
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