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  1. Beauty of a report! Those numbers are “died-and-gone-to-heaven” smallie fishing! Thumbs-up!
  2. Buyer beware! IMHO, the majority of the PFDs promoted by big names in the “kayak fishing” industry are over-engineered, bulky, hot and uncomfortable. They are promoting them because they are sponsored by the manufacturer and get them for free, or severely discounted. I highly recommend you try them on and see what feels best for you. I went to a reputable paddle store and tried them on. I got one with a thin back and without a bunch of pockets and crap. The only thing I added was a whistle, attached to the zipper. Be sure the PFDs rating and intended use are for paddling.
  3. As far as catching smallies, you’d be better off eating, heading home and taking a nap, then wading the Dupe after 6 PM to catch the evening bite. Fox is gonna be a straight-up grind in the low water and especially on a weekend. Anything over 12” would be impressive.
  4. I use that specific gage for water temp in the late fall. Temp is discontinued when things ice up.
  5. Generally, to RSVP for an outing, you private message the event organizer (whoever posted the event to the calendar). Sometimes, like in the case of the Apple River outing, the event organizer makes a post and includes a phone # or email for RSVP purposes. Good luck!
  6. FYI, the Fox is perfect for float fishing right now (July 9). Last check of the Montgomery gage shows a mere 1,440 CFS and trending downward. With the warm weather, early and late are topwater time! Even shady areas in the afternoon can be incredibly productive. *No Aurora or Elgin jokes please!
  7. Thanks for the recap Bart. That does sound like a tough one!
  8. How did it go? Would love to hear what was working, where (river) and about the winners...
  9. Skip the kayak and be careful around the banks. It’s crazy high & fast. https://waterdata.usgs.gov/nwis/uv?site_no=05543500 Unfortunately, I have a feeling that our local rivers will be handing out some Darwin Awards to the unwary.
  10. Hi Sean. Was nice to meet you too! I totally missed the correlation between your name and your ISA tourney post. Sorry about that!
  11. Thanks. The rising, muddy river proved challenging early. Fishing improved as the day wore on. Loaded up and relocated five times over four different towns. Overall, fairly quiet on the river. Only ran into competitors at one location. My original plan was topwater, but laying awake all night and listening to that nasty thunderstorm had me rethinking everything. Despite giving topwater a shot at select locations, caught everything on a swim jig. KBL runs a tight tournament and Rocktown Adventures in Aurora were gracious hosts. Thanks to Kip O. for bringing some frosty beverages. Hopefully there are more Fox (or local) kayak fishing tournaments in the future and they can attract a larger field of competitors. We ended up with 17 signed up, so they were able to raffle off a $999 NuCanoe "Flint" fishing kayak! Kudos to all that participated. It was a fun venue.
  12. Bump. Tournament fast approaching ... June 10! Need more competition.
  13. Looks super fun and I like your logo! Nice to see more local tournaments being hosted. The South Moon BBQ location for the headquarters is a nice idea. Steep entry fee, so should be neat to see who you attract and what the final scores (and prizes!) are. Good luck with it!!!
  14. Tom Loo would rock this tourney from any river.
  15. Nice! I like the homage to local waters. We need more... Kishwaukee Brutus Hunter Fox River Dabbler K3 Rock Creek Special Illinois River Jumping Carp Du Page Eel Grass
  16. Way to go! Especially to the little guy in the neoprenes. The river looked ripe for a buzzbait that day.
  17. That tendril of current is mesmerizing. I've seen whitewater kayakers practice rolls there in extreme high water. Did you bank fish while you were there?
  18. See the very last line of this IDNR press release: https://www.dnr.illinois.gov/news/Documents/IDNR-BoatChangesJune2018.pdf
  19. I normally fish the Fox and love high water fishing. Easy to find numbers and size most of the time. Spots can get picked over pretty quick because the easy access / easy fishing is no secret. Timing is everything. It’s also neat how a different look can make all the difference in pressured areas. A lot of folks think small, yet a larger (heavier) lure offers much more control ... whether pinpoint dabbling, fluttering, or working angles. When in urban areas, casts are rarely needed. The workspace is minimal. I’ve done a few long float trips on the Dupe during high water. Mostly pinpoint spinnerbait fishing. Didn’t get numbers, but every smallie I connected with was of respectable size. It ain’t for everyone. There’s much planning and some risk on paddling and fishing high water. It’s something best worked up to incrementally to gain confidence and understanding.
  20. Eric


    That perch pattern will definitely catch fish! So will the “Air Ick” cork in the right circumstances. The Whopper Plopper has turned on a whole new generation of bass fishermen to that style of lure. I’m sure it has made River 2 Sea a pretty penny in the processs, but it has also helped people catch a lot of fish ... increasing their confidence and enjoyment in the sport. A lot of budding bass anglers are too young to remember the originals that may have inspired the WP, or simply aren’t / weren’t exposed to musky lures. It amazes me just how much the bass fishing landscape has changed overall. Growing up, seems like there were only a handful of rod, reel, and line manufacturers. Many of the dozens of new brands look so unfamiliar to me! You hear the younger crowd talking about Dobyn’s rods, P-Line, Sun Line, etc. And spending $14.99 on a frog lure or $12.99 on a Whopper Plopper is nothing. Kids have a $100+ per month cell phone habit. Probably tough for a generation of anglers who grew up pouring their own lead head jigs to save a few bucks to fathom. And I don’t blame ‘em.
  21. Solid info John! Really nice. The tips and techniques would make for a nice ISA bulletin article. Would make a good checklist for the ‘fridge in any budding angler’s household.
  22. Definitely good to help but the parent(s) can benefit from knowing what to buy, where to fish, how to fish, etc. so they can nurture the interest as it grows. Perhaps the OP can help be the spark.
  23. Kids want action and don’t care what type of fish. Started my guys on panfish and perch, then carp and cats to learn how to fight and handle bigger fish, then ultimately slinging lures for bass, northern, walleye. Some tips in this video (my son had just turned 10). You can have just as much fun from shore ... and we have!!! I can’t help but ask ... where are the kid’s parents and why aren’t they on top of this? At 23, not your role to inspire or educate their child!
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