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    photo test

    It looks to me that in the process of uploading the EXIF data (including location data) is lost.
  2. Eric

    photo test

    Test pic geotagged from home
  3. Eric

    photo test

    Could have posted a transparent GIF, in which case it worked perfectly!
  4. Really sorry to hear the news. A familiar name synonymous with the early days of the ISA for me. Rest In Peace.
  5. Dinner was yummy. Nice to see everyone. Thanks for the pizza and conversation!
  6. Looks really nice! Kudos to all who worked on it.
  7. Consider linking the forums directly to Facebook to promote more interest. I'd put a link at the top of the forums, above open discussion (similarly to how the main site is linked to from the bottom of the forums). https://www.facebook.com/illinoissmallmouthalliance/ Furthermore, ISA officers, etc., consider consolidating some of the sub-forums. There is so little activity on these forums, it's ludicrous at this point to have so many categories. Bassbuggers and Bassbugger Member Submissions could be one. We may as well just have one "fishing reports" sub-forum at this point. Let's Hook Up ... gone. We've basically got 20-25 people logging in here on a regular basis ... on a busy day!
  8. Happy Thanksgiving and good luck to those who venture out and fish Bronze Friday!
  9. Hi Rich. I havent seen them / tried them yet. Just checked out their website and YouTube videos and their stuff looks great. Thanks for the lead!
  10. Eric


    Goes to show the deep thinking Tom puts into fishing ... his mind being open to all techniques. Smart!
  11. Eric


    Even the video hosts mispronounced it as fly-a-thon, when it's "flyathlon." That place looks super fun!
  12. Eric


    Kevin ... other than what I wrote, it would be up to Scott or whoever manages the forum / host to open a help desk ticket with Invision and alert them of the issues. They (ISA) also need to stay on top of the forum version upgrades to ensure the latest.
  13. Eric


    The newsletter PDF has nothing to do with the forums, so if your email address is correct, youll receive it.
  14. Eric


    1. On a PC, look on the top right of the screen and click your username. 2. In the drop-down menu that appears, click "My Settings" 3. On the left-hand navigation list, click "Notification Options" 4. Under "Notification Preferences", ensure all the settings you want are checked. Click "Save Changes" at the bottom. 5. Please note that you'll only get notifications for forums and/or topics that you have elected to follow. 6. Per Scott's comment, double-check that your e-mail address is correct and also check your spam and/or junk e-mail folder to ensure the e-mails aren't going in there. *It's up to each individual to manage their own account & preferences.
  15. Did anyone from the ISA attend? Wondering if there's a recap from this event...
  16. What time does this shindig typically start? I'd love to attend this year if I can swing it with family schedules and traffic.
  17. Bro-in-law confirmed millipede and said it would be a juicy lunch for something. He said it probably fell into the water.
  18. I think it's just a large millipede crawling underwater. I don't think they are truly aquatic, but can survive submerged for short periods of time. I sent the pic to my brother-in-law to see what he says about an ID. He's an aquatic biologist.
  19. Thanks! Consider duping this info on the boating subforum.
  20. Seems like for a while, things were looking positive for our waterways. Despite the seemingly great smallmouth fishing, I get such a different vibe now and feel like the Fox River is on borrowed time. Laws and policies that once stood to protect our waterways are being repealed and forgotten. Our state is in a massive budget crisis, the IDNR is understaffed, population around the river valley is ever-increasing, more and more land is being paved over -- increasing opportunity for additional nonpoint-source polution, and the effects of global warming are on the rise. In the background, there's always the downstream threat of bighead and silver carp. Even worse, possible war on the horizon. Technology and the availability of information are at an all-time high, yet socially and economically, we are basically sliding backwards. Action has been replaced by arguments. Our water willow plantings are a nice thing, but I don't think we can hang our hat on them. I'm hoping as an organization, we are unified in pushing for low-head dam removal to make a widespread, long-term impact on the health of the river. This does not support an agenda, it is supported by SCIENCE. The fact that the river is still choked by death-machines over a hundred years after they stopped serving their purpose for mills, etc. is ludicrous.
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