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  1. Sunday, June 10, 2018 Kayak Bass League (KBL) and Rocktown Adventures in Aurora are hosting a kayak fishing tournament on Sunday, June 10. It is officially called the “Kayak Bass League Northern Open.” This event is open to the public. You do not need to be a member of KBL, but all KBL tournament rules apply. To register, first sign up for TourneyX (free), and then register for the tournament ($75). https://tourneyx.com/app/tourney/2018-kayak-bass-league-northern-open If you’re interested in tournament kayak fishing, this is a good way to begin. A single day, in-person event is fun/exciting, and typically has a bigger payout than online regional events. I have no affiliation with KBL, so any questions should be directed towards the tournament director (go to link above, bottom of that page). Good luck!
  2. Welcome and happy smallmouth fishing!
  3. Heard some really positive feedback about the event John. Thanks for hosting it! Kudos.
  4. The Ned Rig is great when you’ve got gravel or sand and lots of fish stacked along the bottom. Like any lure it’s right place, right time! Chunk rock eats mushroom-head jigs and you’re better off with a Slider Head and a slower fall rate.
  5. You can fish the waters specified within tournament boundaries/rules, regardless of cell service. As long as you have location services enabled on your phone and have the preferences set correctly (it varies from OS to OS), the photo will be geotagged and you can upload it when you have a good signal ... provided it’s within the tournament timeframe. I recommend doing a test upload prior to the start of each tournament — which is allowed and encouraged! Late photos won’t be accepted. If it’s an in-person tournament and you don’t have cell service, you need to stop early and visit the tournament HQ and submit your photos. I think the rules section on the KBF website covers these issues.
  6. There are in-person and online events you can fish from a kayak. You need to familiarize yourself with the rules for each organization / tournament, as there are nuances. Read and re-read. Fish need to be caught from public waters with public access. Some tournaments are all-inclusive (lakes & rivers), some are lakes, and some are moving waters only. Be sure to understand what type and the boundaries. Bass are scored on an approved measuring device (bump board) and rounded down to the nearest quarter inch. I use a 26” board from Ketch, which is KBF and River Bassin’ approved. Depending on the organization and tournament, a unique identifier and/or code may need to be clearly visible in the photo. All tournaments are “catch-photo-release” and use an app or website where you submit your geotagged fish photo. Tournaments have a live leaderboard where anyone can follow along. Google the following: Kayak Bass Fishing ... KBF is nationwide and has in-person and online tournaments. Membership required. Uses the TourneyX app and/or website. Kayak Bass League ... KBL is a local club, membership required. They typically fish IL and WI. River Bassin’ ... Nationwide in-person and online tournaments. No membership required. Uses a website to submit fish photos. There are entry fees for all tournaments. Good luck.
  7. Kevin, you might find this useful...
  8. First and foremost, you do not need to be outfitted like the photo below to successfully catch bass on our local rivers! IMHO, anything more than $500 and 45 lbs is a waste. It should simply replace your waders and make it quick and easy to spot hop on your local rivers. Keep it simple. Keep an eye on LL Bean in South Barrington. Sign up for their e-newsletter and catalog so you’re aware of upcoming sales. They allow you to stack coupons. So if their kayaks go on sale, plus you’ve got a catalog coupon, plus you open an LL Bean Visa at time of purchase (15% off), you can combine all the offers for big savings. Then just pay off the Visa and cancel the card. Rocktown has beautiful stuff but all the “fishing kayaks” are pretty heavy. Try picking the boats up by yourself and then ask yourself if you can do that day in and day out and if the weight of the boat will negatively affect how, where and when you use it. Sure you can get lifts for car-topping, trailers for hauling, and carts for portaging. All that just adds to the cost and is more “stuff” to manage. If you want the ability to drop in just about anywhere on our local rivers and zing up or down river fairly easily, it’s tough to beat the value of a small lightweight kayak. Easy in, easy out. I realize my opinion is not popular but I’m OK with that. I had a bells-and-whistles *fishing kayak* and it was a battle ship. Comfortable to sit on, but heavy and more than I needed (wanted) for day-to-day use. Sold it after about a half-dozen outings. Sit-on-tops are also more taxing to paddle and suck in gusty winds. *Be sure to factor in a paddle and quality PFD into your total cost, plus any car-topping equipment you require for transport. Have fun Kevin! ?
  9. I have fished Big Rock Creek several times and I'm sure Little Rock Creek is about the same. Certain pools with depth / rock / structure can hold some really nice fish! I look forward to exploring this place. It's not far from me.
  10. That pic of Joz compliments the jerkbait title magnificently!
  11. I sent Scott some additional pics for the Blowout slideshow, but here are a couple of my favorites that I thought a few others here would like to save. These are from ISA activities at Glenwood Forest Preserve in Batavia. The second one is pretty wide, so click to enlarge.
  12. Damnit! So sorry to read this news. Everybody gets their name in the bulletin eventually! (I think Ron would chuckle at that.) Gonna miss his wit and grit.
  13. Jeez!!! "Where do you want to put the coal ash pond?" "I dunno. How about right next to the river?" "Seems easy enough. Any mines or aquifers nearby?" "Who cares, we'll probably be retired by the time any problems arise." [ APPROVED ]
  14. Welcome Jon. I look forward to reading more from you.
  15. Our forums were upgraded to the latest software version. Our website was HTML (main pages) and PHP (functional web forms), both of which are still very relevant today. The issue was with our web host — who no longer allows anything else than their proprietary “apps” to be hosted on their server. Thus, the need for the change. It was either switch web hosts and re-do the forums, or bring the rest of the site in line with what our current web host allows.
  16. Welcome. How do you report conditions on such a large expanse of the Fox? In my experience it can vary greatly from pool to pool as you go north to south. At what type of frequency are you reporting river conditions and via what channel(s)?
  17. I like a blue and white hair jig for winter smallies on the Fox and Dupe. This season I’ve been using an olive and chartuese hair jig tied by friend Erik O. and it has been decent for smallies and killer for Fox walleye!
  18. Welcome. I saw your Instagram page recently (I'm @fishthefox). Looks like we fish a lot of the same water. Really nice catches and photos. Nice to see another caster kicking ass out there! Run and gun!
  19. With the cold snap, looks like there will be plenty of safe ice for a while! Hoping to get out on McGraw with some licensee friends and also to a few forest preserve lakes where ice fishing is allowed (hint, hint Eugene). I'll be at Blackwell FP on February 10 from 10 AM - 2 PM to help out nephew's Boy Scout troop ... more/less showing them the ropes for ice fishing. Probably just 'gills with waxworms.
  20. Lots of good info here: http://www.fishthefox.com/float-n-fly.html You can also take a look at the sizes and patterns here: https://punisherlures.com/collections/float-fly/products/float-fly-hair-jigs
  21. Gorgeous. So much technique in putting this together. Some things unexpected such as the smokes and the Shakespeare trucker hat. The story is somewhat ironic ... a solo escape from "duty" and an immersion into nature, but obviously filmed by a second person and dozens of very planned shots. But if you can get past that and take it for what's on the surface (that's a pun for you fly fishers), super enjoyable! We are so spoiled by the gems on YouTube. Thanks for sharing Tom.
  22. Eric

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    Checkout the fun artwork of Richard Blanco on Instagram. Lots of fly-related stuff... http://instagram.com/slackertide
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