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  1. In a couple weeks I will see if Smallmouth on the Kankakee like it.
  2. Hook is a PR350 2/0 ,Magnum cut rabbit,.35 lead free 11 wraps on back , Kileys version uses a medium thin finz 2mm foam 1/4 wide strip wrapped around hook This is the original versions I’ve tied Regular estaz (lightly trimmed on front then coated with BSI Foam cure glue first then at very end after eyes are on a light coat of a flexible UV My Variations. Dive blade, rattle, and wiggle tails (small or medium ) I attach the wiggle tail to a small swivel and connect it to fly using articulated wire Here’s his video on the original. I’ve also made a bunch of his thin finz minnows and micro minnows with and without weight.
  3. Rainy day creation. I’m calling it a Wiggle Tail Fluke Fly. Combining ppacchiarini’s wiggle tail with Jonathan Kiley’s fluke fly and using purple estaz, rabbit and a black holographic wiggle tail. Going to make it in Pearl and chartreuse also. Easy to cast (7wt) and the movement is cool swimming just beneath the surface. First test caught 3 species. Largemouth, catfish and crappie.
  4. Nice fly! That should catch several species.
  5. VanH


    I’ve been looking at them too. I have a sit in kayak and wanting to switch to a sit on top to make my fused lower back happy.
  6. I had to substitute body chenille for the head since I didn’t have the stuff you were using and after almost gorilla gluing my finger to the fly (Gluing and Zooming don’t mix) I may have to consider getting some tabbed eyes. Notice I left the damn eyes off the chartreuse one 😁.
  7. My annual trip out west didn’t happen last year but I’m looking forward to making up for it this year. I’m hoping we can start out this year catching some White Bass together in the spring.
  8. I will be there! Doing a similar tying session with some of my fishing buddies that have moved out west (Colorado & Montana) earlier in the week.
  9. I would think 8lb for heavy poppers with 1 or 2x tied on and 6lb for lighter ones. Let me know how using fluoro turns out.
  10. Good point. I left that part out about not casting well for longer distances but along as you bring it back and toss it and avoid false casting it works well for shorter cast in fast water .
  11. I tie several types of leaders depending on the species and conditions but for smallmouth my go to leader is a Harry Murray's bright butt leader I learned to tie while out in Virginia, but if you are tossing heavy streamers a straight piece of fluoro works fine .
  12. Looks better than the store made poppers! What size kit did you use to make them?
  13. Merry Christmas Phil Let's fish in 2011 Van
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