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  1. My annual trip out west didn’t happen last year but I’m looking forward to making up for it this year. I’m hoping we can start out this year catching some White Bass together in the spring.
  2. I will be there! Doing a similar tying session with some of my fishing buddies that have moved out west (Colorado & Montana) earlier in the week.
  3. I would think 8lb for heavy poppers with 1 or 2x tied on and 6lb for lighter ones. Let me know how using fluoro turns out.
  4. Good point. I left that part out about not casting well for longer distances but along as you bring it back and toss it and avoid false casting it works well for shorter cast in fast water .
  5. I tie several types of leaders depending on the species and conditions but for smallmouth my go to leader is a Harry Murray's bright butt leader I learned to tie while out in Virginia, but if you are tossing heavy streamers a straight piece of fluoro works fine .
  6. Looks better than the store made poppers! What size kit did you use to make them?
  7. Merry Christmas Phil Let's fish in 2011 Van
  8. VanH

    The "pull up"

    Phil, I think a better name would be called a "Huggie" What was the water temp today?
  9. That would match up nice with the 1ft 3wt ice rod Sage just came out with.
  10. Does that wax fly have some weight to it? Looks like we need to have a ice fishing outing to test out these patterns.
  11. Is that a Indiana or Illinois smallie?

  12. Hi Van! The Vestivus crew has arrived.

  13. Rob, I unfortunately have to work Sunday but a couple of my friends will be there.I will make a point of making the next one in CU. Van
  14. Mike, The $39 dryer seems like the best option.The time spent finding parts and building a homemade dryer could be used to fish or tie more flys. Van
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