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Guest Don R

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That is Ed Loch and he caught the only Smallmouth caught during my visit to Illinois in I believe it was 2008. We had high water and could not wade the river. Great breakfast and the conversation was outstanding. Nothing like friends getting together and enjoying what they love.

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My vote goes to our one and only Dick G. You can almost see the stench coming off of that fish! LOL


I'm surprised at you.There's never any stench associated with catching fish.'Tis the sweet smell of success.The stench comes from not catching i.e.getting skunked. :)

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Guest rich mc

that was a beautiful fall day. the northern illinois university film students did some on the scene commentary for the school news program. thanks for reminding me of that event rich

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Wow! Let me think here...is...it...ummm...you....Steve K (Paddlin' Man)?




Yup . . . one of 5 smallies caught one day last summer ranging from 18 - 22 inches + sizable girths. The equipment used to catch them deserves a special recap . . . think ISA members would find it interesting and humorous. Later.

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