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Spawn observations.

Joe R

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Yes spawn is long over but not logging into ISA often I intended to share some observations from spring at some point, by far compared to any other year, I had observed hundreds upon hundreds of spawning beds. Most of it in Door county but a lot in several rivers northern Illinois and southern Wisconsion. I havent read anything about spawn but these comments are based just on my observations.

For rivers no revelations you most all know the story here, spawn beds are in protected areas, often may be very tight to shore, tucked behind rock, laydown, small land outjut with eddie, perhaps just 1 to 3 beds in a small area.  What I did observe this year was aggressive male bed behavior.  The male will aggreasively ram the largest of carp approaching the bed, same goes for pike, bullied away.

As for Door County lake Michigan, which I have kayaked fished 30 years, I know its bays both lake side and bay sides very well. Because of potential of crashing waves all beds are in the most protected areas which may be man made dock areas, protected rip rap areas, etc. Some spawn areas are communal many beds.  But most beds are in natural bays that have large flats of sea reeds thay may extend far from shore creating various channels hidden type bays where access is by kayak only since very shallow. The reeds create natural wave breaks and although mostly sand those areas with any exposed mixed sand gravel will certainly have beds.  Seeing hundreds of beds in such areas Ive drawn my own conclusions right or worng

-many males build beds that females wont spawn in. Nevertheless males maintain the bed.

- those beds with eggs there are many eggs. Makes me wonder if multiple females may use a more limited number of beds in reality.

- the best of all observations is viewing recently hatched (tight fry balls) in beds with male. First year I have observed this. A rare sight but with clear shallow water easily observable but certainly more fulfilling when just paddling around observing  instead of fishing.

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