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Slump buster


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Hello everyone  I want to share this last memorial day during the summer  I went to a creek in Central Illinois and finally caught small mouth on the fly. Caught 10 total.  All on a small size 8 slump buster with olive pine squirrel  as the tail and wing.  I used a cone  to get it down  deep.  The small mouth can be 12 inches  to 15  probably max size.  I put them all back. What a day on the water.  Just felt I should share.

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A well named fly!  It takes a while to adjust to the rhythms of fly fishing. Especially casting and line management once you’ve fished traditional gear for a while. Sounds like you’re off to a good start! 

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Thanks everyone  for the encouragement and comments.   I fly fished for a small mouth on the fly before but that particular day  was the best day so far.  I practice catch and release for small and large mouths mainly.  I have kept only one  white bass in the macaw river here in Central Illinois where I live.  Here are some bigger slump buster I just tied up for next spring. 


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