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Ed Buric

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As I brought up at the last officers meeting my future participation as the Chicago Region Coordinator could be compromosd in the future. Well it has come to pass. I had to rush my wife to the emergency room last Wednesday night. Today she was moved from the intensive care unit to the general patient area ( good news ). While some of the more social activities are almost self organizing and not a problem for me to handle, someone will have to step up and handle the more active events.Fishing outings, clean ups, sign postings etc. they are going to be beyond my ability for the foreseeable future.

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Planning and organizing events for the Chicago region is a very important job. But, it isn’t all that difficult and doesn’t take up a lot of time.  If anyone could step up and help out, we’d really appreciate it. You’d get lots of help from the other officers, and a few other perks.  Post here or contact Bart Durham if you’d like to try.

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2 hours ago, kevin summers said:

Ed, You have done a masterful job for the ISA. Stay strong and take care of your wife. When she is feeling better and you can sneak away hope to see you on the water.

Thanks Kevin, you're too kind. Hopefully we will be able to get together this Summer. I would love to get the chance to fish with you again

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