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  1. John I would like to say yes, but sadly I will NOT be able to attend. Stay Well All!
  2. LOL... Probably should have just posted, Please count me as coming.
  3. Wow~ This is one of the reasons I re-Upped! Learning some new water and fishing with friends!
  4. Really Enjoyed seeing All of you again! Food was delicious! Kudo's to a whole bunch of people who worked hard to have made this a success. What a great day to spend some, time talking fishing at a picnic outside after a pretty tight year! THANK YOU!!
  5. Hello Gents..I'm re-upping:) See you at the Picnic..😎
  6. Good catch Terry.. Another day might be a bit better.:)
  7. Just wondering if anyone has been getting out and can remember the river being this low in June? I have walked the channel a bit in B-town and places I would have never ventured, are pretty do-able . Just wondering? Thanks
  8. Well I found it faulty advice to not needing a set of waders.. Caught a real nasty infection on a cut in the fox and I was wearing Waders.. I know a lot of wet waders but in urban waters with millions of gallons of effluent water every time it rains hard and storm drains connecting everywhere, which is never treated... Waders may be an option to consider, just saying..LOL Was very entertaining (some Sage Advice) see some fly fishing pun from a spin guy! stay warm and healthy..
  9. So I have a couple of Grandt spinning rods 007..007a. I won a Grandt Rod in a raffle while working for the ISA at the Old Schaumburg show, I blew that rod up battling a WORLD Class Carp on the Fox River. To be fair, I tightened the drag too much after 20minutes of running up and down the river. Mr. Grandt told me I shouldn't have probably done that something had to give! Jim Grandt then proceded to send me out a replacement under warranty. I prefer my Grandt Rod's to my St. Croix Premiers and Avids. I find Mr. Grandt a man of his word and his warranty very fair. He even cut me a break as a return customer when I tipped my kayak in Michigan and lost my original 007. I have read some crappy reviews from rod builders and have heard they are nothing special but for me the All- American series is a dependable and a sensitive stick. Frank your welcome try mine sometime in the spring if your so inclined. Not flaming T.J. just know that I have had excellent times and results with mine!
  10. Hi Jim, To make a long story short I met the Friar, Jonathan on the Fox this fall. He is a Franciscan Friar so poverty is one of his vows. He had 3 flies and lost two of them. He uses an 8 Weight. I'm in Batavia, so I am more than willing to pickup what ever you feel like donating to his cause. Just trying to get him a bit of an arsenal for his kindness, knowledge and peace he presented to me . My Number is 708-710-9160 I appreciate your help in this matter if you would like to fish the fox this season let me know. I will show you everything I know in about fifteen minutes. LOL

    1. Jim Wright

      Jim Wright


      I’m glad you’ve reached out. It will easiest for me to mail flies to you. I’m working out of town for the time being but I will be back home in a couple weeks.

      Yes lets hook up for a Fox outing! 

      You can reach me at (773) 297-3542 


    2. kevin summers

      kevin summers

      Thanks Jim, I appreciate your offer. I'm at 5 Feece Drive Batavia Illinois 60510. The Friar will be happy with whatever you send!

  11. Thanks again for your assistance John and Nick. I'm not sure if it makes a difference but Brother Nathan has a 8 wt. Stay well.. Kevin
  12. Hi all you Dark Siders. I'm sure some of you remember me as The Fox River Fishin Musician. I have a request or favor to ask of you.I would appreciate any help you could provide. Last fall, which now seems like forever ago, I had the pleasure to fish with a Fransician monk that I met serendipitously on one of my favorite stretches of the river. Our conversation was outstanding and his demeanor was infectious to say the least. I will cut to the chase , the friars take a vow of poverty..The friary that he is a member of down around Loyola in the city, share a car. I did not see him again after our initial encounter last season. We did exchange info for another day for when he can get out here again. He was using a modest fly set-up (which was his) however he only had 3 flies to fish with. He lost 2 of them in our fishing adventure, and he never did catch a fish. I would like to pick your brain on what kind of flies would be helpful for him to catch bass on the river and/or fish in a normal city pond. I am hoping to put together a small set of flies, which he could use this upcoming 2021 season. I would gladly pay for some flies tied by this group, and or appreciate any ideas on size color etc. He was using a 5 wt. I will end this request with it was amazing the amount of peace and love he exhumed for being in the river. We were spotting some eagles and the song birds seem to be singing quite loudly, for his enjoyment. No matter what your faith or lack of, his stories of service to the community and love of nature made it a joy to be standing with him and giving him a few pointers on MY stretch of river. Ironically, I was catching quite a few good size smallies and offered him my spinning rod to catch a few. In a kind and graceful way, he simply declined and told me that fly fishing seemed to be a great release for his soul. It was his second time out, giving it a go and I would like him to see just how much fun it would be for him actually to catch a Smallmouth Bass.. Thanks in Advance! Stay Healthy.
  13. SO... How much can I comfortably lift on top of my Hyundi, and be comfortable sitting on for a day. Spent a little over $800.00 dollars on my Yacht (YAK) with paddle and leashes . Bought a Yakima easy loader for the roof rack and I have been a Happy Guy. Did Flip her in Michigan and watched as she floated away down stream. So sad , thought I was SOL however my paddle leash caught a laydown and stopped the yak from it's freedom a mile downstream. It would have sucked to lose my Pescador Pro, but half as much as if I lost a Hobie or 4 times a blue sky... Word to the wise...The arborist says watch for sunken logs unseen on your floats..
  14. JAY, Not a big believer in nets.. IMHO it takes too much slime off the fish, and not the best for any fish. I have lost a few big beautiful fish, but as I get older and my wife a long time ago asked me how many fish pictures do I really need , I have opted for fair combat. If I can't lip em, or in the case of pike and Muskie grab the behind the head(THEY DO HAVE TEETH) Well they win. After awhile being out and meeting the bruiser is enough for Me! I do know that some nets are easier on the protective slime ...I suggest one of those <:)
  15. Hi Gordon, I have a little bit of knowledge on this topic. I would be more then willing to share some info with you if you so desire. I was blessed to have moved to Batavia and the first and only people I knew when I moved here were the Conns ,who owned Batavia Bait and Tackle. Some flyers posted in the shop and some great referrals , I entertained 20 clients a year for approximately 3 years. After awhile my fishing time just wasn't as enjoyable. More then once , I did not fish while guiding, due to customer request. It is something that clients would request and as paying clients their requests were always granted. I would love to use your service , when your up and running . YES, YOU COULD FISH. (lol) I think John and Paul have great points that you should consider ...some people DO not Like canoes..Tippy when Tipsy. Perhaps outriggers so fly guys could stand and cast. You are in a great area and you have experience on the river, I think your learning curve will ascend rapidly if you choose this endeavor. Nothing but the best! It's only rock and roll but I like it. BASS or Bass it's what drives the soul!
  16. I believe your self conscious is showing you a gentler side,one that you have buried in your Rock and Roll Persona. Or a simple Treble hooks are never ever good when you stuck it in his eye man.. Went for the low hanging Cheech and Chong Reference..Peace BassMan
  17. Ed, You have done a masterful job for the ISA. Stay strong and take care of your wife. When she is feeling better and you can sneak away hope to see you on the water.
  18. I believe it is because we live in the State of Confusion.. Don't worry legalized weed will sort EVERYTHING out.. Just like the Lottery.LOL
  19. Hi Gary, Hope all is well with you and that the lakes in Missouri are treating you well.. Cliche of the day is everything and everyone are connected..Problem of the day ,some don't know some don't want to know and some don't care. Great topic and book recommendation.
  20. So let me start by saying I have not been out on the Fox Fishing yet this season. I'm sick of highwater and rain been working around it all spring and I must be getting old because I don't really feel the need to dabble or fish in the chocolate milk. My observation the other day was there are a lot of quillbacks heading into the creeks and If my memory stands correct they are usually ahead of the smallies coming into the creek before spawn. Just wondering what everybody else thinks of this years spawn and when you think the river will actually drop. I had a week scheduled for the UP this week for pre spawn bass but the river is too high and fast for getting around.. Timing is everything
  21. Yes Yakima gear is expensive. With that said I bought a roller loader for the back of my Hyundi and loading is pretty slick even for a 64 year old. I purchased a 10 .5 Pescador Pro 100 for river and small lakes . it 55 lbs Sot and from my experience it's pretty tough. I believe it built on the old tarpon hull and tracks straight especially for a smaller yak. I have hit a few large submerged rocks , and dumped it and it ended into a log jam without losing the seat and any gear that was in the front nose covered department. has a comfortable lawn chair seat with high and low settings and i bought it from Ack with a 240 cc Werner paddle which was in the 120.00 dollar range. My extra equipment is a paddle leash , homemade anchor and a couple of plano 7400 boxes which fit under the seat. The enjoyment of exploring different water and mobility to haul has been great. Good luck in your hunt for YOUR yak!
  22. Congratulations! It will be a great time for All of you!. I love the area, hope the fishing is outstanding!
  23. I as well have been bitten by the kayak bug. You can't beat the extra mobility and have gained access to out of state rivers that before would have been out of reach. I thought a great point for spring fishing was the 120 rule. This is a combination of air and water temp being above the 120 mark. 60 plus 60+120 makes an easy guide to prevent hypothermia. I know there is all kinds of warm weather gear and experts on here that don't tip there kayaks when fishing but I myself have been seeking comfort and not speed when it comes to my fishing and I thought i would share this for what it's worth. Peace!
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