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What Did Santa Bring You?

Mark K

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Happy Holidays All.

I made a good haul of fishing stuff. What did you get?


A Whopper Plopper- the mid sized Loon color.

a magnetic fly vise waste basket- clever idea,

The UV resin pen, for fly tying.

A winter buff, with stonefly motif.

My nephew got me a 7 ft spinning rod blank, guides and a handle kit. He got in to rod building so we are going to build it together. That's a pretty cool gift.


Loosely related to fishing, a tripod head to hold my iPhone. I want to push a phone camera to see if can come up with anything creative, but this thing will get use fishing for selfies and such.

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Daiwa Tatula CT Reel and a Daiwa DX Bass MH rod. Can't wait to spool it up and take it out!


Sounds like a sweet combo! Good luck with it.


I didn't get anything fishing related for Christmas. Not complaining though! Got lots of clothes and other stuff I asked for.


Mark, nice haul!

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A hoist to store the kayak at ceiling level in the garage. Now I need to buy or borrow a ladder tall enough to get me up there to install it. When installed, I can stop banging the kayak with my car door.


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