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fisherman drowns on the kankakee

Norm M

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I knew Mike for a long time . He was an experienced and knowledgeable wader . His death has made me stop and think, if it can happen to him , it can happen to me .


I have decided to try to be even more careful than I have been for decades .


I would remind all to respect the power of moving water , take it slow and easy . Listen to that little voice in your head, any doubts, don't do it .

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Poor fellow.

6000W is on the 102 side, but that would be where Willowpoint Rapids are. I am not intensely familiar with the 113 side but I know the 102 side like the back of my hand. Eric, you and I fished that stretch together, a long time ago.

It's hard to imagine exactly where this accident occurred.

Regardless, it's very sad.

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Some time ago I quit thinking I could just swim ashore if I fell in. I bought sospenders to wear anytime I am in the boat. It would probably be a good idea idea to wear them wading too since the one time may be the only time. It is a $100 life insurance policy.




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