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River Bassin' tourney out of Aurora this Saturday.

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The river bassin tourney is this Saturday. I see that along with myself, a few other ISA guys are registered. Hoping to see more ISA members get signed up and join us in a fun day of fishing and fellowship after the tourney in Aurora. There is still time to sign up online. For some reason, I cannot paste the link here??? My computer is stupid. But, you can google river basin tourney and then go from there. Pretty easy to find the page where you register. Looking forward to fishing and seeing some familiar faces.



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There's that and some of us no matter how good we think we might be don't want to turn a relaxing enjoyable hobby into a competition. Personally I get to scratch that competitive itch every day at work so fishing is an escape from that. Being someone that has never supported tournament fishing, I do however like the format of this event. Its not done during the spawn, no live bait and its catch, measure, photo, with immediate release. You also don't need a lot of money or an expensive bass boat to compete.

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I'm one of the late sign ups. The rain last night screwed up my best laid plans, now what to do?


Option A; continue as planned. The fish are still there it just might be harder to get them to bite. Option B; make a new plan.

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Fun tournament. I had a lot of spots scouted and felt confident of our game plan. I coached Grant throughout the week on what to expect. He was very excited. The morning bite at our "A" spot was excellent. We got into fish right away throwing big swim jigs in swift water / chutes with rock. Grant actually lead the tourney for a time but I ended up bumping him with a few bigger smallmouth. Still, I'm super proud of him (and relieved that the game plan panned out). Nothing like hearing your kid excitedly yell, "Got one!" on tournament day.


Team-wise we bumped up quickly and no other team came close. It was all due to that morning bite.


Mid-morning we switched to our "B" spot. It wasn't a numbers spot but the fish were typically huge. I had hopes of culling with a giant or two. Nope. Not to be this day. I caught three bass but none big enough to cull. It was a lot of wasted time in the blazing sun and heat.


Around noon we decided to return to spot "A" and further explore it. That worked out for me, as I caught a 17.75" and increased my individual lead a bit more. Grant had a big one swipe at his swim jig boat-side and he actually figure-eighted it and a smaller one came out of nowhere and nailed it! It shook off but wasn't cullable anyway. We were beat from the heat and returned to Rocktown around 3 PM. Fishing stopped / all photos had to be in by 3:45 PM.


My wife and youngest son came to the presentation. Our leads held and we successfully defended as returning champs. We won first place team, I won first place individual, Grant won first place youth and he came in fourth overall. The field was 28 anglers. They had hoped for a minimum of 40. :-(


It was nice to see Drew and his new bride Christina. Good people. They and Rocktown Adventures put on a fantastic event. Lots of fun, friendly faces, fishing talk, and handshakes at the sweltering venue. We had a great time.


Hopefully they return and can grow this tournament. I know Drew was disappointed with the low turnout and is thinking of ways to partner with KBL, etc., or taking Aurora off the tour altogether.


They did a kayak raffle -- a Jackson Kayak Cruise 12' -- donated by Rocktown Adventures. Teddy Wozny won it. He also had big bass and finished second. Good guy.


The proceeds from the raffle were donated to Friends of the Fox River.

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