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    Grizzly Bear wrestling, lava boarding. Catching snow flakes on my tongue.

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About Me

Name: Terry Dodge, Fly rod and spin gear fisherman

Floats: Jackson Coosa Kayak (BRANDY),

            Classic Accesories 7' Personal Pontoon

Streams: Kishwaukee River and Tribs

   My father is the one responsible for my fishing addiction. He would take my brother and I to tucked away places such as the legendary Blue-Hole of the River. 

   Then as I grew older he would take me out wading the Kish for catfish. An empty milk jug with the top portion cut off leaving the handle so as to attach it to my waist with the belt holding up my cut off jean shorts. This open end jug was what we used to carry our tackle and Doc's stink-bait in. Worked pretty damn good. 

   Over the next few years life happened, I grew up, joined the Marines, got married, had kids, and built a stable family life while working at Estwing Mfg. Co., where after 228 years I still work. I don't remember exactly what year it was (late 90's) but I did return to the Kish and instantly had to step foot in water. It just seemed natural to me. I began where I left off with dad, wade fishing for cats. I soon grew tired of the stink bait smell and gave up fishing for the cats. I started floating a hook and line with a worm, splitshot, and stick-bobber, and began picking up smallmouth. WOW! Can these fish can put up a fight! And they jump out of the water while trying to shake free from the hook. I'm hooked!!

   I started buying any magazine I could find that had articles on fishing for river smallies. I joined the Illinois Smallmouth Alliance (ISA) where I picked up most of the best info on the sport of fishing for smallies. Good bunch of guys over there at the ISA.

   I am still learning the ways of the river smallmouth and enjoy nothing more than standing in a small river or creek with a tight line fighting the mightiest fish that swims.

Contact Terry Dodge on the ISA Forums or at duckdodge62@yahoo.com


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