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  1. I have a Redington 8 wt collecting dust that I bought a few years back when I first tried to dabble unsuccessfully, so make next purchase will probably be a 6 wt. However in the spirit of economics, I am going to continue using my 4 wt for a little while. This was very helpful Thanks all.
  2. Wow thanks for all this information everyone. I'm blown away by all the support. I bought the Clouser smallmouth book to start. I also got into a fly tying class at Chicago Fly Fishing Outfitters over zoom right now. It's going well and learning the basics. Learned to tie a wooly bugger and pheasant tail nymph. Class has been very helpful and worth the money all considered (materials supplied, gift card, and three 2 hour classes). Going well over Zoom and the instructor has been able to make the adjustment (Zeph). Thanks for those links Mark. Going to look into these techniques and patterns to
  3. Rich. Thanks for the advice. That is probably a good place to start. I'll also check out the clouser book!
  4. Thanks John. I'll check this one out!
  5. Hey everyone! Happy Holidays! My partner gave me a wonderful gift of a fly tying kit that I have been eyeing for the past few months for the holidays. 2020 was my first season fly fishing and I am looking forward to spending the next couple months of social distanced downtime to begin tying my own flies. I have a cheap vise I bought years ago to tie jigs so I plan on using that until I get better and upgrade along with these tools to start. A couple questions for all the tiers here... - I mainly fished a #4 Redington Crosswater combo for smallmouth, largemouth, and panfish (it is my
  6. Thanks for the welcome. Definitely caught the bug. Much to learn (and many questions to ask).
  7. Here's a nice smallmouth on the fly video- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iUU-_roOwTs
  8. Hey ISA fly people. Been a long time conventional angler, I have started making the dive into fly fishing this year. Its been a great and difficult learning experience. The fish I caught this year weren't as big or plentiful as previous years but that made each even more special. Here are some pics from the first fish I caught on the fly.. an Illinois smallmouth. Cheers. Ryan
  9. Off the top of mind I can't think of any other. Growing up near the Des Plaines, I can attest that there are many wadeable stretches and I know many who do well fishing it. Overall, its quite a bit tougher to fish due to the faster current but quite a great fishery overall if you can crack it!
  10. Thanks! Its interesting how difficult it is to find wading regulations for Cook County with a quick internet search but easy for Dupage and Will. From what I can understand so far... Dupage County- Wading is allowed in FPs in river and creek but not lakes and ponds Will County- No wading allowed in FP Cook County- No wading allow in FP Town/City Park Districts- Fish at my own risks but probably not an issue
  11. good to know! thanks for the info. Look forward to exploring and finding new spots this spring!
  12. Hey everyone, I know wading regulations on Illinois waterways have been discussed on here and many other online forums, but I had a specific question that I can not find through a back search. I am aware that wading on the Dupage is allowed in Dupage County forest preserves and but NOT allowed in downtown Naperville. My question is whether wading is allowed in other parts of the river particularly in other town's park district parks such as Plainfield and other towns along the river. I try to pride myself on staying within the regulations as a sportsman, so I want to make sure I un
  13. Thanks for all the recommendations. Just received my first Bronzeback Bulletin the other day. Looks like I will have plenty to read during this winter.
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