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  1. Good question @Terry Dodge. I had the same question. Thanks for the answers!
  2. Update on the filling of my first box. Targeting small bass and panfish. Tied all to throw on my 4 weight. Had a lot of fun learning some basics. Some patterns I chose to tie simply because I had the right materials lying around. Still have some poppers I need to add. Let me know what you think. Cheers!
  3. Welcome Jay D. I joined last year and the people on this forum have been a huge help as I begin fly fishing. Sounds like we may fish some of the same waters. Maybe I will see you out there sometime. Cheers.
  4. Seems like logical advice fishing it before tying a bunch. I've mostly been tying a few in hopes of practicing and tying some that might fish haha. Already seeing how much the fine details make the difference between a fishable fly and something that really looks nice to the angler. Already have a few ideas to make the ants more consistent. Some beadhead buggers are up next since I already have those materials. Thanks for your help Mark.
  5. Awesome. Based on most of the recommendations I'm receiving the size 6-8 seems like a general good size fly for the 4wt. Thanks for the recommendations on the popper heads. I will start studying the murdich minnow. Nice looking pattern. thanks!
  6. Here is a look at a old crappy bass pro fly box I am trying to fill with my first tied flies. Started tying in January. Hoping to have it full with some basic patterns by the spring. I currently have a 4 wt that I began fly fishing with last season after making the transiting from conventional tackle. Hoping that these sizes and patterns will be castable/fishable on my 4 wt. What do y'all think? Also, if you have any recommendations on some foundational patterns to add let me know! Size 6 clousers Size 8 chernobyl ants (someone on here recommended this pattern... I think Mark? Thanks
  7. Mark- I have some Hard as Hull Hareline Dubbin head cement that I coated the belly wraps and head with. Same thing? As a beginner, is there really a difference I will notice in those fancy UV resin + light I see on social media?
  8. Gonna give this one a try! Thanks for the advice!
  9. Thanks all! Figured a classic, easy to fish, and effective fly like the clouser was a good one to start tying at the beginning. Yep a couple strands of crystal flash not showing well due to the wood and light. Is the idea to keep the clousers pretty sparse? Practicing the wooly buggers, pheasant tail nymphs, and bought some materials for some chernobyl ants (I think at the recommendation of Mark). I've got a 4 wt so not quite ideal for smalies but hey.. one step a time. Let me know what other beginner flies I should look to next! Also got to make one of these upcoming fly tying tutor
  10. Hey all! Beginner fly tier here. Fresh off a intro class from Chicago Fly a few weeks ago. My first rod is a 4 wt that I picked up a few seasons back. Tied up about ten #6 clousers to fish on it at the recommendation of some of the members here. Thanks for the advice! Let me know what you think!
  11. I have a Redington 8 wt collecting dust that I bought a few years back when I first tried to dabble unsuccessfully, so make next purchase will probably be a 6 wt. However in the spirit of economics, I am going to continue using my 4 wt for a little while. This was very helpful Thanks all.
  12. Wow thanks for all this information everyone. I'm blown away by all the support. I bought the Clouser smallmouth book to start. I also got into a fly tying class at Chicago Fly Fishing Outfitters over zoom right now. It's going well and learning the basics. Learned to tie a wooly bugger and pheasant tail nymph. Class has been very helpful and worth the money all considered (materials supplied, gift card, and three 2 hour classes). Going well over Zoom and the instructor has been able to make the adjustment (Zeph). Thanks for those links Mark. Going to look into these techniques and patterns to
  13. Rich. Thanks for the advice. That is probably a good place to start. I'll also check out the clouser book!
  14. Thanks John. I'll check this one out!
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