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  1. Haven’t tried it yet. They say smallmouth like pink.
  2. Took inspiration from Tom L’s silli bugger and spun this up. Ahrex Size 2 26* hook, Medium lead, yarn, dub, silicone legs tab. There were a bunch more legs on the bottom, but I decided on this look. ive been working on a box for my buddy in STL who just bought a fly setup. So with some usual stuff, I’ve been experimenting and this one worked out. I dig the skirt tab being used as the tail and legs ran on top like the shell. I’ll play with it and see how tight I can get it, but all in all, I’m pretty sure they’ll fish spun up quickly.
  3. You can google Bennett’s Lunch Money for recipe and video tutorials. here’s a quick list size 2 B10s medium lead eyes rabbit strip rubber legs laser dub
  4. Tried creating a rock bass colored Lunch Money. Size 2
  5. Thanks Ed! I think you mean “ it can get expensive “!!
  6. What’s Up Smallie Freaks! I’m Travis Stafford- returning member looking to be more active within the ISA. I live in Manteno and primarily fish the Kankakee/tributaries. I recently started fly fishing for smallies last summer and it’s been a blast. I’m looking forward to expanding on what I learned this year. I post photos of my adventures on Facebook and a Instagram under K3BronzeWarrior. Here’s to a great 2020 and I look forward to meeting some of you at the Bronze Blowout! -Travis
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