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  1. Good that’s a particularly dangerous one.... more so because of peoples stupidity but nonetheless.
  2. I found one used and took it up to the boundary waters and it was great! On serious trips I’ll never kayak fish out of a traditional paddle kayak again. Looking to get another pedal drive though. Does anyone have one they are looking to get rid of now?
  3. Great advice and wonderful pictures. We may just kayak below the lower falls then if it works out.
  4. So cool! Thanks for sharing the awesome pics!
  5. Yes thanks! we may just poke around the lower falls. We’ll see...
  6. Has anyone on here kayaked or boated to these falls. I’m looking for a place to launch paddle up to the falls and then float back down or any put in take out info. Thanks in advance.
  7. Hey all. I’m looking for a deal on one of these used or a similar set up. Let me know if anyone has a used pedal drive optional fishing kayak for sale. Thanks!
  8. Hey all I know some of you have a lot of kayak experience. I’m wondering what the best option for an optional pedal drive Versitile Fishing kayak would be under 1,500?
  9. Very cool thanks for the kind words guys. I had a good run and capitalized on some aggressive feeding windows after the first set of cooler overnight temps. most of my bigger fish were taken on top water prop style baits near structure and lay downs. I had a great time fishing against some elite river smallmouth fisherman in this tournament. If you can make time to get out at least a few times in October it would be great to see more ISA guys in this Next tournament. I just signed up for it. Great idea Colin for the river smallmouth exclusive event. I’d love to see one in early spring 2020 also 😉
  10. They are the lightest most comfortable wading shoe for moderate terrain I’ve ever tried. Perfect for Hiking long a distance to a good spot, float tube or to wear while kayaking. good grip and feel great on your feet, but if your fishing areas with a lot of chunk rock/rip rap they don’t have any side protection so that’s really the only case I’d go with a traditional boot over these. I really enjoy how comfortable they are. They are well worth buying in my opinion. Don’t know how much life you’ll get out of them because I just got them a few months ago.
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