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From The Illinois Wisconsin Border

Blake Hamilton

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Hey guys,


Been lurking around for a few weeks and finally got the motivation to sign up. Been fishing all my life but just recently in the last year and a half have gotten into river smallie fishing in a big way. I mostly call the Milwaukee river my home water but have fished the kish and fox on occasion.




I've considered myself pretty lucky last year catching some decent fish even though it was only my first year targeting smallmouth bass. In 2011 I threw 100% spinning/baitcasting gear and really enjoyed the reaction baits like spinners, spinnerbaits, and cranks.








2012 I've gone about my summer smallies a tad bit different, everything has been done on the fly.




I really hope to learn some good information here that will help me become even more proficient at finding these awesome fish and hopefully i can contribute some quality content as well. I will say that i fish for basically anything that swims and that mostly i will only fish bass in the summer. I also really enjoy spring and fall trib fishing, driftless trout, ice fishing, harbor salmon, carp, panfish, ect...


I'm passionate about photography and editing as well as fly tying so you might find most of posts very picture heavy, hope you don't mind?




Looking forward to this,

Hambone out

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Guest rich mc

welcome hambone . i was recently in a fly swap with you on flytyingforum. we heard alot about the milwaukee river from pat elhers and bill schultz. rich mc

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welcome hambone . i was recently in a fly swap with you on flytyingforum. we heard alot about the milwaukee river from pat elhers and bill schultz. rich mc


I'll say its a small world cause thats my first fly swap at the FTF and my first post here, I guess we were meant to bump into each other Rich Mc ;)


Welcome. Pic #5 is nice. I'm looking foreword to more posts and pics.


thanks, your past reports I've read have been very inspirational

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Welcome! Those are some beautiful fish! First off, I think you need to get on one of those reality tatoo shows and see if someone can turn that green fish on your arm to bronze. Secondly, if you find inspiration in Terry's posts, you should consider setting your sights higher. Unless, of course, you hope to hone your river dancing skills.


Please keep the reports and photos coming. Hope to see you at some future outings.

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Dear Jude,

#1 - The early bird might get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.

#2 - Do not argue with an idiot. He will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience.

Blake - We here in the N.W. Region have two (2) outings coming up. 1) Apple River in July. 2) Kishwaukee River wade in Aug.

Check the calendar for more info.

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Beautiful photos, now please tell us about that Bushy Bongo


everything ive been tying has come from this book




heres what i do know


Created by the Australian Bushy Bush as a saltwater streamer for tarpon. For larger predators in saltwater it is tied up to six inches or more but for a smaller quarry it can be sized down. Just like clousers and deceivers it makes the transition to freshwater easily.


thread- red

tail- 2-6 grizzle hackles and some flash

collar- 2 grizzle hackles

eyes- bead chain

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Welcome Blake. Glad to see another fly rodder on here. I too came from steelhead and trout backgrounds. This is my 3rd season chasing summer smallies, since joining the ISA. This place is loaded with good info.


Seen your steelhead and trout posts on other sites. Always enjoyed them.

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