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How Many Lures Is Enough?

Mike G


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  1. 1. Thinking about the fifty lures

    • I have all fifty.
    • I have less.
    • I have more.
    • The author missed at least one good one.. (Tell us which one.)

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Don't let this question be answered by comparison to how mant pairs of shoes is enough. Lures cost about 5- 15 dollars these days. Shoes cost at least 10 times as much. If you make that tradeoff you loose the battle. :rolleyes:


As the discussion of Ockham brought, out there are different lures for different conditions. The 5 or 10 lures, that I carried into the Quetico long ago, might not cut it today. Here'an article naming a top 50 Lures of All Time. How many do you have? What do you think.


Here's the list in one place:


Twister Tail on Ball Jig

Daredevle Spinnie


Mepps Aglia

Johnson Silver Minnow


Zara Spook

Berkly Power Worm

Original Gitzit


Storm WildEye Swimbait


Terminator T-1 Spinnerbait

Gibbs Pencil Popper




Little Cleo

Lucky Craft Flashminnow

Rooster Tail

Panther Martin

Cordell Red Fin

Swedish Pimple

Blue Fox Foxee Jig

Rebel Pop-R

K.O. Wobbler

FoodSource Minnow

Zoom Trick Worm

Rapala Shad Rap

Yamamoto Senko

Hopkins Shorty


Lucky Craft Splash-Tail 90

Al's Goldfish

Hot Shot

Williams Wabler

Hula Popper


Stanley Flat Eye Jig

Teeny Torpedo

Bagley Balsa B

Mann's 1-Minus

Berkley Bat Wing Frog

Hula Grub

Snag Proof Frog

Lunker Lure Buzzbait

Culprit Tassel Lizard

Uncle Josh Pork Frog

Mepps Muskie Killer

Castaic Trout

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Great list of lures! My wife keeps asking me the same question every time I go to Bass Pro! You can never have enough. I am a tackle junkie and probably need to a shrink about it... or a fish.

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Personally I have the list covered though I might not have the exact brand. For instance, I do not have The Culprit Tassel Lizard though I have enough lizards to fill a tropical island. I missed some oldies like the Bass Oreno, Lucky 13, Lazy Ike, and River Runt though these might be thought of as collector baits. Where's the Spoonplug?

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