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Kilbuck Update & a Kicker

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First off I want to thank all members for all the support and advice and words of encouragement in my attempt at saving this little creek. I have spent many enjoyable days fishing this creek and enjoying it's sights and wild life. Thank you all!




I decided to stop down at the Kilbuck before work today just to see if there has been any change since the article came out.

Didn't really expect to see much change at all but what the heck I had some time to waste.

I drove to Kilbuck Bluffs F.P. and as I was crossing the bridge I could tell right away that something was different. It almost looks like a creek again. I parked my jeep along the road side and jumped out with camera in hand. Kilbuck is clearing up! I didn't expect this at all! At the forest preserve ( about 2 miles down stream of the quarry) clarity was about 1 foot I would say. This is the best it has been all year. No blue/gray color to the water. It's kind of a dirty dust brownish stain but much, much better than the way it has been all year.

So now I jump back in my jeep and head for the HWY-251 bridge which is about a half mile down stream of the quarry where a couple of weeks ago ( if you remember) I snapped this picture............




Well today I was about as happy as a little girl with a new Easter dress. I could not believe my eyes (eye)!

This my friends and fellow members is what I saw (tried to get the same shot)..............




That's good, right?! I was sure happy. I'm not done with this yet. I don't really expect it to stay this way. I hope it does but I have to be real about this. There is another step I plan to take to fight this battle and it should be a good blow. It may take a bit of time but I do plan on staying on this thru the winter.


Right about now you should be asking, "Okay what about the KICKER?"

Here it is. ( I got a kick out of it anyway)

As I was taking the latest picture above, the company that is responsible for the staining was at the same location parked just below the bridge with their clay/dusted truck. I didn't see anybody but as I was taking pictures I heard some rustling around in the tree line. I looked in the direction of the noise and right there in my line of sight was a shiny new red & white "NO TRESSPASSING" sign. HA!

Like I said, I didn't see them but I'm bettin' they saw me. Then as I was leaving I heard the noise again so I stopped, turned to the trees, waved and then jumped into my jeep and drove off to work a happy man.:P

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Stopped by Kilbuck today just to see how things were looking. Looks normal considering the rain we've had this week.

As I got out of my jeep to take a look a truck pulled up and out popped Karen Rivera from the IDNR. Said she was in the area

checking up on another problem and thought she would stop by and see how the Kilbuck was. That was nice of her.

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I noticed today that Google has updated their satellite images on their maps to show images from last summer.

I just had to take a look at the quarry on Kilbuck and look what I found............




You can see that blue/gray color going into what looks like a retention pond.

Of course as you know a lot of that didn't make it into the pond.

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Went out today (1/11/13) before work to see if I could hook into a 29 inch smallmouth. Stopped by the Kish and got nothing so I thought

I'd run by the Kilbuck and give it a shot. Glad I stopped. The Kilbuck was heavily stained at the southbend bridge, so I drove up to HW 251

to take a look and that area was stained with that blueish/gray tint. Not too happy, I drove the extra 5 miles to take a look off the Rt. 72 bridge. Everything

looked fine there. Route 72 is up stream from the quarry that causes the problem. Went to work and called Chuck at the IEPA, he said that he would check it out.

I'll post again when I hear something.

I WILL NOT go away on this.

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