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Favorite Plastics

Guest Don R

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5" Twin tail Hula Grub Yamamoto color #301 http://yamamoto.baits.com/cgi-bin/order/97-10 on a 1/8 oz premium slider head all year


3" tube Craw colors http://yamamoto.baits.com/cgi-bin/order/33-06 on a 1/8 oz premium slider head all year


5" Fluke Pearl on a Falcon Bait Jerker Hook fall to late fall http://www.fishingworld.com/FalconLures/De...028425184917279

Fluke http://www.buckeyebaits.20m.com/catalog.html


Slider Pro Heads Spider


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The bass pro stick-o has been a favorite of mine. 4.25" size is good for larger fish and the 3" size is good for numbers. I rig them on a slider head or an unweighted wide gap hook. Colors I like are pumpkinseed, black, or purple.




I like this lure in the either the 2.5" or 3.25" size. Colors I like are green pumpkin or carolina pumpkin rigged on a slider head.




If you can handle the smell, the chompers 4" hulagrub is a big fish magnet. I rig on a 1/4oz sliderhead to get it down on the bottom and fish it slowly through rocky structure. Any nautural color will work.


I have one other top plastic but this is the top 3 still in mass production.

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Guest rich mc

i already gave don a few larew minnows on a spider hook and a bitsy bug jig with a zoom craw.

a close third would be the smallie beaver or critterbug , very similar to the wooly hawg. that does more for the lm than smallies. rich

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My top three have to be:


1. Yum Crawbug- 2.5" Green Pumpkin texas rigged on a 1/4oz football jig, with the antenae (sp?) and pinchers cut down to 1/2" from the body, to keep the dinks honest!


2. Berkely Power Grub- 4" White Single Curly Tail attached to a 1/4oz swimjig! ;)


3. Stanley Ribbit- a sweet topwater frog that has the noisiest splash from the feet that I've found, and I've tried every swimming frog on the market! White or purple, texas rigged on a 3/0 red Gammie offset worm hook, seem to be the favorites in the Dup!

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Still haven't posted my 3. Since I didn't use plastics much this past season, I'm having trouble ranking them amongst each other.


I am curious as to how everyone rigs their plastics (not only looking for the what but also the how).


Okay, here are my three plastics (historically speaking):


Kalin's Salty Lunker Grub on a round unpainted jighead, 3" Pumpkinseed

Zoom Tubes with a BP Tender Tube jighead (inserted), Green Pumpkinseed

YUM Crawbug with a BP tender Tube jighead (inserted), 2.5" Green Pumpkin.


The YUM became my "go to" plastic this year, only when topwaters and spinnerbaits were not producing as well as I was used to. Still, I rarely used it unless I was "under the influence" of Don R. :P


The plastic that I look forward to throwing more is the Fluke. I've long used soft jerkbaits in lakes, but I haven't given them the time they deserve in moving water.

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I have to put my favorites in here also. When I was up that way it was these most of the time.


3" BPS Stick-O in Watermellon on a 1/16oz. Charlie Brewer Crappie Slider


2" Black Producto Twister Tail on a 1/16oz. Weedless Jighead


3" Tube on a 1/8oz. Tube Jighead


I carried a ton of other stuff but usually ended up with one of those three on cause they caught fish for me.

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Can't say I used any specific arsenal of plastics this year.

Always experimenting.

An exception is when I'm fishing from a boat on the Calumet or St. Joseph system.

I'm typically just loading up on Tubes rigged on a Gamakatsu red hook with a red bullet weight.

Not really superstitious about the color red or anything, they just happen to make my favorite terminal tackle in this color, and I've gained a great deal of confidence with it.


On the Kankakee River as well as lakes and reservoirs, the Garlic Chomper skirted spider grub (mentioned in a post above) on a Falcon Bait Jerker usually gets the nod. This hook offers a real nice horizontal presentation.


Oh- and I'm especially fond of river fishing this little gem of a creature bait:


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The 3" Berkley extra scent (walleye) grub in pumpkin color on a plain 1/8th jig head. The only problem with this product is that it catches every type of fish that swims, although I have never caught a walleye on one come to think of it.


The Yamamoto IKA in green pumpkin on a wide gap hook with a bullet weight or on a wide gap Slider head. Even though it looks nothing like a crawdad, because of its solid body it gets right to the bottom and hugs the rocks. Smallmouth and largemouth love this bait.


The 3 and 4" Senko (or Yum Dinger) on a wide gap hook with or without weight, depending on depth and current. Pumpkin color of course. The Senko casts a mile and works really well in clear water even though it appears to have little or no wiggle to it.


All of the above can be fished in black/blue color in murky water (think Fox).

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Don, thanks for starting an interesting topic.


Plastics are my favorite.

1) YUM 2-1/2" Crawbug in Green on a 'glider jig' from Renosky lures


2) Berkeley 4" or 7" Bungee Worm in Blue w/ black flecks on a 1/0 worm hook with 1/16oz or 1/8oz pinch on bullet sinker immediately in front of the hook.


3) 2" Case Hellgie in pumpkin green on a 1/8 oz ball-head jig.


If we limit it to 3, that's them.


Happy New Year, fellow fishin buddies!

CoryG <0))))><

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Thanks for all your responses! To date I have 17 that have chimed in (either on this post or in an email). There's got to be a few more plastics fishers out there. Please respond by Jan. 12th.


Don R

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I'll add my two cents from Ohio.


1). A 5" skirted twin-tailed grub on a 1/4 oz. Venom Super-Do jighead.


2). A Venom Mad Tom on a 1/8 - 1/4 oz. Venom Super-Do jighead.



3). A Venom Salt Series or Strike King Pro-Model Tube with a 1/8 oz weight on a 3/0-5/0 Eagle Claw(Grisby) clip hook.


Check out www.venonlures.com.

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