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  1. That special moment you see that it's a big fish, will it stay hooked or come unbuttoned?
  2. Last minute decision to go to the cabin and through unexpected circumstances it ended up being just Scott and me, Shortly after arrival at twin Island I landed two 18 in. smallies then headed to the cabin to check in. This being my 30th trip to the Menominee over the last 11years I had planned on taking it easy and what ever worked for Scott was fine with me. We did a few floats, a little side trip with his boat up to Four Seasons area and a whole lot of .relaxing. A search in town we found a pub with outdoor dining, never having to enter the restaurant followed by i
  3. I put all the pictures together in case anyone wants to share with friends. A special thanks again to Scott for organizing this every year.
  4. The pictures from our group are almost misleading, granted everyone caught at least one quality fish but the numbers are few. Having fished this river for the past 10 years and approximately 30 trips this was the toughest fishing I have ever come across. Nobody could come up with a pattern and everyone was skunked at least once if not more. I fished with my brother everyday managing at least one quality fish each per day except the first day. 2at 18 1/2 , 4 at 17plus and for a couple of hours we fished at what I call the Niagra nursery catching about 15 small bass up to 16
  5. You guys must have gone up river, looks familiar to me. Congrats on the fine outing, can't wait to get back up there.
  6. Another day, a different story. My brother went back there yesterday with better results and better weather. Four rainbows 16-18 inches on an egg pattern. What ever that is. Not being a fly fisherman when I go with him I use what ever he ties on my line.
  7. Andy, I would share this post with my nephew but I know it would only make him feel worse. He had fished there last year with incredible results, that's why they went back there.
  8. My nephew wanted to take his dad to a rainbow honey hole that requires a 2 mile walk each way. Even though there is snow all around it had started out as a nice day. The pictures will tell you how it ended, not to mention getting skunked. This was near Stagecoach Reservoir Colorado.
  9. Apparently I'm the only one that has had good luck with Cabela's boots. Averaging 60-65 days a year wading some pretty rough rivers these boots have held up as good as any, usually two full seasons then I pass them on to a friend and get a new pair. This last pair I got is the best one yet, it seems like they are easier to get on and off. Years ago I bought a pair of Simms and the sole separated by the second season. https://www.cabelas.com/product/CABELAS-MENS-FELT-SOLE-WADING-SHOES/2948786.uts?productVariantId=6189656&WT.tsrc=PPC&WT.mc_id=BingPLA&WT.z_mc_id
  10. Planning on being there, I hope there's a good turn out. Don't want to drive all that way just for dinner.
  11. Nice fish, blue Simm's shirt, hat and gloves along with a big fish. Are you sure we are not related?
  12. Sorry, not this year, moving day for my granddaughter.
  13. IRONIC!!! I just tried to exchange or return the exact same pair or similar pair yesterday due to a seam that was coming apart and was told the same thing. Then they wanted to give me $29 on a gift card instead. I told the girl the store still has them on display and another store says they have them in stock. After further review and checking inventory again suddenly a pair in my size appeared. Thanks to my smart phone I was able to obtain this information and left with a brand new pair of boots for even exchange. Almost the same .
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