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proud dad

Jim J

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Maybe Wed.


He will be mentoring this week but now I hear he may not actually perform until April on the show.


My daughter is still getting info about rehearsals etc.


When I find out the day I will post for all of us P Diddy and Idol fans.



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More from my daughter texting....


"Ok, Idol is a lot bigger than I thought. 30 million viewers. Live. I have ten hours of rehearsals at the most famous soundstage in LA. This is one of the top songs in America and we are actually playing LIVE. no tracks. I get paid by P Diddy and Bad Boy Entertainment.


Looks like Thursday night is the night.


Song they will be playing is called Coming Home.



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She was on right on stage but the far left of that group. In the rehearsal she is in a back and white top. I think there were 8 with cellos and violas also.


Bummer about the silhouette. Nice effect but that's show biz.

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