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What Gear do You Use Most Often for Smallmouths?

Mike G

Gear Used  

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  1. 1. What do You Use Most Often for Smallmouths?

    • Bait Casting
    • Spin Casting
    • Fly Rod
    • Spinning
    • Other

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A good while back, Homer Circle published the percentages for bass tackle useage. It might be interesting to see what ISA members use. Tell us what you usually use. Your favorite method might not be the one you use the most. After this runs a while I will put up Homer's numbers.

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The long rod unless the water is too stained or too fast. Even then might give it a shot but generally I get frustrated and then rarely go pick up my spinning rod.....but more likely to take the long rod to a nearby pond or lake and start chasing his green cousin or other assorted trash fish :lol:

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Spinning almost all the time. Favorite is a 6 ft. medium action for throwing jigs. I do drift live bait, not targeting Smallmouth but they do end up on the end of the line now and then. For live bait I use a Thill River Float, split shot, circle hook, spinning reel with a 8.5 ft. rod. Simple but it catch a nice variety of fish. All SM are 100% catch and release. The circle hook insures a nice lip hook every time.

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It may be difficult to compare this poll with another. The sample here is taken from those who frequent the ISA forums and does not necessarily represent the ISA as a whole because only a small percentage of our members visit the web site on a regular basis. We'll see how the numbers turn up.


I agree Scott. The table is tilted towards the readers of our forums. That makes this more of a straw poll which is fine with me. We get what we get.

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Time to look at Uncle Homer's figures. This is from Circle on Bass published in 1996. I should point out that he says that these proportions apply to all sport fishing in general not just to bass fishing. Uncle does not give a source.


Spincasting -- 45%

Spinning -- 35%

Baitcasting -- 15%

Fly Fishing -- 5%


(To add more insult, besides the low score, Uncle says,"...Fly Fishing catches the fewest bass especially with subsurface flies..." We should send him a Clouser and a Red and White and see if that affects his opinion.)


I think Uncle Homer has a fair estimate of what is going on. Consider what is stocked in most stores. Or next time you are at a public lake or river access on a busy weekend, check what people are using; and you will probably see a lot of spincasting, a lot of spinning, and the odd baitcaster. Fly rods will be rare, and, if you see one, it may be the one in your hand.


I am not surprised that our forum readers deviate from the Circle model. We are of course an eggsceptshunal crew. B)

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