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Kent creek


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Guest rich mc

lunker structures were added there a few years ago. it is a nice looking area but a small dam blocks fish from migrating up. there was talk of building a ramp of rock n rubble to allow the fish passage upstream. rich

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I have fished it before. They used to do the spring stocked trout at Page Park every spring. This year they stopped doing it and moved it to 4 lakes. Not a bad idea because opening weekend was elbow to elbow guys at the handful of deeper pools that congregated the trout. There is a small dam on it about 1/2 mile upstream from where it dumps into the rock and that's not exactly in the safest part of town. I've done OK on it in the spring but it is very low and clear this time of year.

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Since we're talking creeks, I thought I'd mention that I did a little wading at Kilbuck yesterday and was very pleased

to see that she's running clear. Kilbucks been stained just about all year for some reason. It's a beautiful little creek

especially this time of year. I didn't catch crap but I sure did enjoy the view.

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I didn't catch crap but I sure did enjoy the view.


That's pretty much what I've been doing. I've even found myself wandering off looking for fall mushrooms. The last few weeks have been good if your into that sort of things. Shaggy manes, giant puffballs, and some giant hen of the woods. They all seemed to pop at once.

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To further hijack the thread....

I'm not a mushroom hunter simply because I fear poisoning my family, but a question nonetheless-

What are you doing with the mushrooms primarily?

Grilled with a steak, soup, in salads....?

I can only imagine the possibilities!

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Mike, the cooking possibilities are endless and these fall mushrooms have a mild natural flavor and the ability to take on the flavor of whatever you cook them with.


The giant puffballs I don't do anything with because I don't care for the taste and they can upset your stomach. I do let the kids punt them around like a soccer ball which they love to do. The shaggy manes and the hen of the woods are my 2nd & 3rd favorite wild mushrooms both behind the morel. Both have a mild but pleasant flavor and at least for me can be easily identified from poisonous mushrooms. The shaggy manes are fragile and turn black and ink out quickly so they have a very short shelf life. You pretty much have to eat them right away. I slice them in 1/2, sautee in butter and they are delicious. The shaggy mane typically grow in grassy areas where the soil has been disturbed at some point. I find them along bike paths and parks where the earth had been moved. The chicken of the woods & the hen of the woods are very hearty and firm in texture. There is some work involved in trimming and cleaning. On a typical hen about 1/3 of it I'll eat and the rest gets trimmed off. The tips or lobes are the most tender and flavorfull. The hen of the woods can be sauteed in chicken boulion and used as a substitute for any chicken dish like fajitas & tacos. You can also just sautee it in butter and enjoy it straight up. The hen of the woods grows at the base of large dead or alive oak trees and usually have full growth around the 1st frost.


Wild mushroom eating does come with risks so do your homework before you go out in the woods and start consuming.


Here was my latest hen of the wood haul:

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  • 2 weeks later...

Call CSI. Who typed "thud and silence"? I smell foul play! :P

maybe you just got some of them florida shrooms and took a little trip. damn bogart.

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That one looks like an edible mushroom. It is called the chicken of the woods or also referred to as a sulpher shelf. That color really makes them stand out in the woods. Its not my favorite of the wild mushrooms but at this time I rank it 4th. It has a mild woody flavor and a firm texture. It does take on other flavors easily. Some people sautee it with chicken bullion and use it as a substitute for chicken.



I looked up your mushroom in my book and it looks like a pheasant back which is also called a Dryad's saddle. The book says its edible but it gets leathery fast.

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Hi everyone,


This is Jim's wife.


He left me the passwords in his will. (and not much else the dumb Sh****)


He will be waked at Blake-Lamb Funeral home in Oak Lawn Friday and Sat am.


Very, very unfortunate.


I warned him not to eat that, but you guys might understand how headstrong he can be.


He left some of his best color Hula Grubs for a few friends and wanted me to tell the fly guys to F... O... What do you think he meant by that?


Anyway, I know he gave the best years of his life to the ISA.


I just wish this mushroom thread hadn't been posted on a fishing site.


Who would have imagined.




Leah Jozwiak

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