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Ammonia leak in Boone County near the Kish

Paul Trybul

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The leak was located north of Marengo, on Garden Prairie road. It involved two 1,000 pound tanks forcing first responders to close off the area until the incident was mitigated. Lifeline Ambulance and the Boone County Sheriff's Department joined in assisting. Officials say there was luckily no injuries.

I hope none of this made it into the river as ammonia can be devastating to a fishery. This is something worth monitoring.


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If you google it there are several sites that mention it but don't give much more info than what Paul typed.

I did see a bunch of pics on two sites and it looks like they are in the middle of a field and the leak doesn't look too bad. 

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It's amazing how toxic that stuff can be.  In 2002, the boilers over at the U of I in Champaign were cleaned with an ammonia based product and the waste water was dumped into a water way that found its way into the Salt Fork River.  It killed everything for miles, all fish, the plant life, invertebrates, you name it.  It took years for that river and the fish populations to return to normal.  

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