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State to Review DuPage River's public use Chgo Trib article


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ISA Officer's have been aware of this issue for some time.  We had hoped the issue would not gain traction and die on its own but since the State is apparently reviewing the issue we will prepare a formal response strongly objecting to same.  The source of the problem appears to be the tubing company and its customers polluting the stream and this is where the State's focus should be directed.

In the meantime I urge all our members to sign the petition objecting to the landowner's proposal.  

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WGN story 


Also, the DNR officers have a list of IL “navigable waterways” deemed for public use. They often refer to this list as the be-all, end-all in trespassing issues. The Dupe, among many other small local rivers we love to fish, is not on that list.

I got this directly from a conservation police officer when inquiring about Indian Creek (private).


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Here is update on petition drive with now over 10,000 signatures:




Huge milestone today. We reached 10,000 signatures in 20 days. That’s pretty amazing. The fight isn’t over, but we are making great progress. We simply want the IDNR to acknowledge that the river is navigable and available for the public to use. Isn’t that why they already have dozen of “Public” launches all along the River? Keep on sharing and thank you so much for your support. ♥️� � � � � � �...

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What has changed for the residents along the river to be unhappy about?

The tubing business (which I’m not a fan of) affects around 50 homeowners that back to the river between 135th Street and Electric Park. Aside from that, people have been recreating on the river for decades.

The IDNR, Village, Park District, etc. approved the tubing business from the get go. They can’t renege on it now. The horse is out of the barn.

And the complaints of 50 shouldn’t jeopardize access for all.

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Will county says the river is navigable. Hopefully the state agrees. You should have an update if you signed the petition.

Now if we could only get people to stop being so lazy and trashy while enjoying the outdoors we might have something....



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“Taking private property for public use” 

Are we just gonna ignore the paved public parking lot with boat launch off 135th Street, plus all the public canoe/kayak access areas posted up and down the DuPage River?

Think the homeowners downstream of 135th are oblivious that they’ve lived on a public use river for decades?

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