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Gordo's Guide Service-----new watercraft

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After I announced that I would be starting a guide service and that, at least for this season, my watercraft was going to be a 14 ft. canoe, a number of ISA members kindly informed me that the lack of owning a watercraft that could take two anglers and myself could pose a problem with prospective clients.

The goal is to eventually acquire something like a Stealthcraft Hooligan but in the meantime I may have a solution.  An ex-student of mine informed me that his family was selling their lake house in Elkhorn WI and wanted to know if I would be interested in a canoe they had.   Student asked his dad how much he would sell it to me for and dad said "one dollar"   Turns out the canoe is an Old Town Camper.  16 ft with a weight capacity of 1,200 lbs and.......it's.........made of...................ROYALEX !!-----(insert celestial music here).   If I add a snap in center seat and oarlocks I believe this will work pretty well. I gave the dad something to alter his mood and he was very happy.    I'll get another seat back too.  


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I haven't floated in it yet.   In fact, I finally did my first float of the year, with Paul Trybul, on Wed. I caught a 40" Muskie on the Wisconsin River but we used my Osprey.  Paul boated a dozen or so smallies and I got maybe 6-7. As far as the Old Town Camper, I purchased the snap in center seat so I need to do a maiden voyage with 3 people.  I move on June 7. Somebody(s) should book a trip with me.       😁       

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14 hours ago, Ben K. said:

What a score, that boat will last forever. Wisconsin trip sounds like a good time too. 

Dates are available        🙂   

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I did a half day trip with Gordon last week.  Other that a slight road construction detour for our shuttle, the trip went great. I found a couple morel mushrooms at the put in spot. Caught a decent smallmouth on a whopper plopper on my first cast.  It was a beautiful section of northwoods river and at the perfect levels for floating and getting out to wade a few spots. I could have not caught a fish and still enjoyed the aesthetic beauty of the river. Still ended up with around 14 hard fighting river smallmouth and a rock bass, mostly on topwater and the rest on ned rigs. Gordon caught some nice smallmouth too and a 40" class musky.  You might want to consider a bigger net Gordon, if you are going to have more of those big musky encounters. 



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