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Odd Gadget.

John Gillio

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Pulled this gizmo out of the river while sauger fishing. I was told that it holds carp bait used as chum. There are a lot of carp fishermen in the area.  A baited hook dangles on a line from one end the other end has line to the rod and reel, so it can be cast into the body of water being fished. Can’t say I’ve seen one like this before.

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8 hours ago, Terry Dodge said:

Illinois Rig?


6 hours ago, Mark K said:

It looks like a dough bait rig.

It seems to be a dough bait rig (or whatever type of bait is pressed into the cage) with multiple hooks hanging from it like an Illinois rig. There are often  piles of cooked corn along this area. Maybe cooked corn is being pressed into the cage and is also being used on the hooks.

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