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fans of whopper ploppers

rich mc

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been using the revolver lure th last few days. basically the sound isvery close to the plopper. it does have the rattle but does have nice hooks. having the prop in the middle takes away trying to walk the dog retrieve.  i like the flatter tail as it does roll as much when itgets hit,more hook ups.   makes me wonder if adding some silicone to the tail section of a zara spook willaid in walking it?

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 report on the revolver  vs whopper plopper    my 6 inch [plopper has been getting attacked visiously lately on some small ponds  , most get off.. ive noticed the revolver by the googan squad has a lower pitch .  last night i took my grandson out for fishing before school starts wed.   he did along cast withe the revolver, got smashed right away.  fish went into weeds andit was a long pull of a bucket full of weds and fish.  finally beached the line broke. tony jumped down to get the 18inch bass and the lure.  let the fish go and gave me thelure. upon looking at all the weeds another 19b ass was found among the green.  i can only imagine his mind wont be on school work today

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I got the 4.5”, 1/2-ounce model in native shad from Rich. First trip using it, I was thoroughly impressed! Zero body roll/line twist (alleviates needing a snap swivel), and has a louder, deeper sound. It doesn’t foul as easily, and the sound stays consistently in tune. Will be a new go-to in my topwater arsenal.

Big thanks to Rich for introducing me to this lure! I’m surprised we’re not seeing it talked about more.

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