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Valley flame crayfish


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My brother-in-law is an aquatic biologist with the State of Kentucky and found this beautiful valley flame crayfish in Russell Springs, KY while doing field work on March 16. Thought is was neat looking! 


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ILL-INI colors.

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Many many years ago....

In a land far, far away....

I had a commercial crayfish trapping permit with the California Department of Fish and Game.

For about three years my fishing partner and I supplied crayfish, often 2000-3000 @ a time to tackle stores in our area for sale to fisherman using live bait where it was allowed by state law.

Running 60-80 traps on days we went out,  it was not uncommon for us to have 25,000 crawdads in our tanks at a time.

We used to get a variety of different colors including blue, red, orange, brown, yellow and green in addition to a variety of sizes ranging from small to lobster-esque which NO fish in its right mind would ever take on no matter how big it was.

Oh the things one experiences when sneakin around @ 2:00 a.m. setting crawdad traps so no one steals them. Some experiences I'll never forget like the time a truck ran a red light as i was entering the intersection with a load of dads on the way to several tackle stores. After slamming on my brakes to avoid the collision I had 8000 crawdads flying by my face. Imagine trying to pick up thousands of angry/pissed off crawdads FROM THE INSIDE OF YOUR CAR that want nothing more than to pinch you until you bleed! 

Get to the tackle store and the employee says "Dan, whats up with the dads? They seem a bit AGITATED!!" LOL

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