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IDNR Properties Closed

Mike Clifford

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Forest Preserve Closures as of 3/30/20:



The spring trout season opening day—originally scheduled for April 4—is postponed indefinitely. The parking lots and fishing lakes at Axehead Lake, Belleau Lake, Green Lake Woods, Horsetail Lake, and Sag Quarries are closed indefinitely, starting March 30.


Lakes closed to fishing until further notice:
     o Grove Lake – Wood Dale Grove
     o Pickerel Lake – Pratt's Wayne Woods
     o Silver Lake – Blackwell


All Forest Preserve District preserve access area parking lots and dog parks are closed through April 7 due to the stay-at-home mandate issued Friday, March 20, by Gov. J.B. Pritzker as a result of the new coronavirus pandemic. On Friday, March 27, barricades were also placed at entrances to parking lots at Rock Run Preserve - Paul V. Nichols and Hadley Valley - Route 6 access in an effort to reduce the large number of people parking at these locations.   

Trails will remain open as long as they can be accessed safely on foot and bicycle and people continue to practice social distancing of at least 6 feet as recommended by federal health authorities. 

Shoreline fishing is also allowed as long as social distancing is practiced. Kayaking is not allowed at this time due to the closure of parking lots and limited active police patrol for safety. Boating season does not begin until April 1. However, the launching of boats will not be allowed until the preserve access areas reopen.


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Everywhere I go trails are packed with people.  I drove all the way to Indiana Dunes to hike a trail that there are very few people on.  Till there is a pandemic and then the parking lot is full.   Just turned around and went home.

Closer to home they had to close parking lots on the weekends in the FPs.  People were having big picnics.


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