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Drainage ditch

John Gillio

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It appears that the lower reaches of one of my favorite creeks is becoming a drainage ditch. It made my stomach turn when I saw this.


There had been some nice holes in this stretch of creek. Looks like it will run right down the middle from here maybe to the mouth. I didn't drive to the next bridge downstream to see.

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On 9/18/2019 at 9:36 PM, Rob G said:

Since I have no "before" picture for comparison, can you tell me what someone has exactly done and for what reason?  Was the creek bed always of that fine gravel or sand substrate, no larger rock ?  Does the water normally run higher at this time of year? 

The water runs low this time of year. The creek used to meander back and forthe from bank to bank through the sand and gravel substrate. With deeper pools here and there. Any cover was from downed timber and what I think were water willows. I don't  know but would say that the creek bed was moved around with a dozer to give it more of a v shape so the creek would run down the middle. My guess is it was done to prevent the creek from undercutting the fields which flank it here. The creek can rage through here in the spring. It was probably cutting into the fields. It is private property.

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