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Central IL Bassbugger Fly Tying Event - February 26th

Rob G

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The next Central Illinois Bassbugger fly tying gathering will be on February 26th, Sunday at 1 PM. It will be held at the usual location, Bloomington, IL Fire Station #2. More information to come as we draw closer so please check back. Again, if you have any questions or ideas that you would like to share, please feel free to contact me here at the ISA forums via private message.

Thanks again,

Rob G.


February 26th, Sunday, 1-4 PM

Firestation # 2

1911 Hamilton Rd, Bloomington, IL 61704

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The featured fly that we will tie, thanks to Rich for bringing it to my attention, will be Bob Popovics Hollow Fleye pattern. I will bring all the materials necessary for us to play with but if you have a bucktail or piece of craft fur of a certain unique color that you would like to use, bring it along.


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Either and/or, how about we tie one of both materials, so everyone can get a chance to see how each material performs. I'm going to bring both for your choosing. The more important question is, where's dinner afterwards?

There's always Friday's and Panera's nearby the firehouse, as well as your favorite barbeque at Dave's.

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Sorry for not getting on this earlier but we had another nice group of about a dozen tiers show up for our February gathering. Below is the fly we concentrated on tying and it sure looks to be a smallie catcher, or for that matter, any predator that feeds on bait fish should be enticed.


Again, our next and final fly tying gathering of the Central Illinois Bass Buggers for 2017 will be this coming Sunday, March 19th in Bloomington.





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it seems we always have a nice time even if we don't accomplish much. That holds true even if wise crackin' Stanley shows up : )


It's a shame you can't see from the above photo but that particular fly is not two dimensional, almost bulbous if you will, and is not flat by any means.

Yes, the craft fur is easier to work with, in that it lays down much easier and IMHO, it produces greater movement in the water than the bucktail.

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