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As often happens, due to life happenings, we have some changes to the schedule. There are now 3 openings.

2 openings for the second half of the first week;

Arriving Tuesday the 15th for 4 nights leaving Saturday the 19th.

And 1 opening;
Arriving Saturday, August 19th for 3 nights, leaving on Tuesday the 22nd



The cost per night will be $30 per person. Non-refundable deposits will be $60 (or more if you like). Reservations will be on a first come first served basis with consideration given to those who made it to this year's trip. If the demand is there, I'll try to extend the trip as needed. Final payment will be due on June 3. If for any reason you have to back out, (like for surgery!) Every effort will be made to find a replacement for you.
Send deposits with your choice of dates to;
ISA Road Trip 2017
1606 Roth Dr
Joliet, IL 60431
(I can take credit cards for payment if you call me or see me in person. 630-209-9452)





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There are still some openings for the road trip. We are still seven and a half months away but, If you are planning to go, do not wait very long to make up your mind. You can see the updated schedule of the days that are still available a few posts up from this one. If you have any questions at all, PM or call me at 630-209-9452 anytime at all.

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damn, it's something I'd like to do but I can't pull the trigger until I get every thing in my life unsnarled that being sick screwed up . most likely be at least February before I get a good handle on things the way it's going right now .

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i am out for this year . they added an extra round of chemo , pushing back the radiation . No way i'll be recovered enough in time for me not to be a drag on every one else .

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