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  1. Request first week tues-sat again next yr please
  2. Hi Scott, please sign me up if able for next years menominee trip tues-sat the first week


  3. Had a good time fishing with the 2nd group. My largest were 19” and 18.5”. I didn’t have high numbers but every day had fish 17” or above. I caught smallies on whopper plopper, wacky senko , Ned rig senko, hula, small swim bait, and even one on Bart’s fly rod with a streamer. Got pike most days too. Largest pike 26”. Bart caught so many 19” fish on the fly rod by the end Jim gave him the nickname “Mr. Nineteen”. 😀
  4. Thanks for posting guys! At least now i dont have to feel so discouraged about heading up there in such high water though i know I wont get the size or numbers these guys are getting
  5. Water level still high but improving, about at the level we had when i went on the trip a few years ago.
  6. Hi Jim, I will be there same days as you and will also be kayaking. We can all help each other with kayak shuttles. There are public access points every few miles perfect for kayaks. 5$ per day for a tag that goes in car and is good for all the wisconsin public access points all day. EricG
  7. I am requesting to be changed to the aug 11- aug 15 slot if still available
  8. I am still planning on going, will double check with my brother.
  9. Hi Scott, I would like to bring my brother Tim Gale along on august 18-22 also if possible.
  10. Hi Scott, i would like to sign up for august 18-22, that fits my work schedule better, thanks
  11. FYI for those starting at the cabin tomorrow August 13, I actually won’t be arriving until weds evening August 14. See you then. ericg
  12. Oh no that's terrible to hear that he is gone
  13. I just took the last spot Would actually prefer the second week as it would fit my work schedule better, if anyone decides they want to trade let me know.
  14. I did get out for a few hours in the afternoon. Only caught 3 smallies but some good size- a 17 and a 16. Largest one came on suspending jerkbait and was my first ever suspending jerkbait fish ( thanks to Pauls suggestion). Rapala Xrap XR-8
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