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Apple River Wade Outing Wrap Up

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We had 5 anglers attend the Apple River wade outing this Saturday which includes Paul T, Paul T Sr, Frank, Jason, and Jeremy. Outside of me and my father the rest of the group were all Apple River 1st timers. River conditions were good and the weather was perfect so I felt confident we could all catch some smallmouth in an aesthetically pleasing setting. I'll let pictures do most of the talking while I provide brief narration.


My father caught a quality 15-16" smallmouth on his very first cast.



We spot hopped a couple different areas and found fish of various sizes everywhere we tried. As we waded through the clear rocky stream we were amazed at how the water was just teeming with life. Crayfish and minnows were very abundant along with frogs tadpoles and this madtom.


The fishing was a little more diverse as we caught smallmouth and largemouth bass along with several green sunfish.


Everyone in the group caught fish and enjoyed what I considered a quality outdoor experience. Thank you for all that attended and a special thank you to Frank for bringing a delicous lunch with beverages that he was generous enough to share with everyone.


My father experienced a fall on some rocks so we ended up cutting out after lunch. I pointed the rest of the group to some quality water and they fished on through the afternoon. I got some texts later in the day stating that the fishing stayed pretty steady in the afternoon as well.






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