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Illinois is hog CAFO heaven

mike domrzalski

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Certainly an eye opener. Kudos to Tribune for its in-depth reporting on this issue. Let your elected State representatives know this law must be changed. Senator Durbin is now calling for changes.

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Guest rich mc

think of the bright side Illinois is first in cafos and first in the worst financial state , we may also be first in most people moving out of a state . it is sad but it is good to it written about. rich mc

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The article states that Nic Anderson is in the middle of many community meetings, and ignores questions about who he is. I battled him on our very own forums here over the dairy CAFO planned for Jo Daviess county that has since left the state. This guy maintains an office that serves to operate some kind of official-sounding industry CAFO club.

It's one dude with a desk and phone.

Oh, and a website.


Not hard to track down. We've spoken on the phone a few times.


So here is the deal.

A county board will oppose a CAFO coming to town, residents will gather and holler. The IDOA rubber stamps the project. Construction begins.


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Warren Goetsch never met a CAFO he didn't like. At one point the Illinois Dept. of Ag had never turned down a permit request, not sure from the article that there has been any change.

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