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New kayak

Eric Doty

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A number of us fish Jackson Coosa's.


As a disclaimer Jonn Graham and I are on the Jackson Team. Neither of us stand but we love the boats.


I've had a number of them for about 5 years or so.


Tone of videos on them.


Not light but super stable but it's all in deciding what you want in a boat.


It was designed for standing.

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I know it is off season now. But please contact "paddle & trail" 2 locations Rockford and Aurora.

During the summer they have brought a dozen kayaks to the ISA float your boat events. Which is nice

being able to paddle around in each of the kayaks They brought. They have also

attended many " early shows" in November. They will probably be at next year's cast & compare depending

on where it is held.


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Buying a kayak was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I'm on my third boat which is a Nucanoe Frontier 12 I picked up from Rocktown Adventures. Good group of guys over there and I absolutely love the Nucanoe. It's probably the most versatile kayak on the market IMHO and a fly fishers dream yak.


I have some thoughts on stand up kayaks. The ability to confidently stand up and cast/fish (especially in a river) comes at a cost, width and weight. This means a somewhat slower boat and a little more difficulty transporting. I say confidently because standing up is one thing, as soon as you start casting and fighting fish it's a different ballgame in which your height/weight will be a major factor if you don't want to take the occasional dip. Have you ever seen Drew Gregory dance around his coosa? Yea most guys can't do that, he's obviously got a smaller build and is very agile. Also, keep in mind that standing and fishing doesn't offer many benefits to the angler who is using traditional spinning or baitcasting gear. I've found that sitting at an elevated position and occasionly standing to get a better view of a spot is just fine. Just saying It may not be worth it for you to forego a faster, lighter, and more nimble boat for rock solid stability.


Good luck with your purchase, try before you buy, I'm sure you will be thrilled with whatever you end up on. Check out the Feel Free Lure series as well, I've always thought they make a great yak for the money.

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I got my kayak in January of 2013 and after much, much research I can tell you that I am very pleased with the Jackson Coosa I decided on.

After all the research I had narrowed it down to two (2), the Jackson Coosa or the Wilderness System Ride 110.

I chose the Coosa over the the Ride 110 because of the storage advantage incase I were to ever do any camp outings.
I too have a Jeep, and am 53 years of age and can lift the Coosa fairly easily onto the top of the Jeep.

Another factor in deciding on a kayak was my storage space for the yak during the off season. I needed something that was no more than

11.5ft. and both the Coosa and the Ride 110 fell into this range.

The Jackson Coosa runs about three to four hundred dollars more than the Ride 110.

Jackson, being the main manufacture for the USA kayak team, offers more color options than Wilderness System kayaks can afford to offer on their

kayaks, that is if color matters. WS has extended their color options and offer some very nice looking options.

The tracking on the Coosa is okay at best, but performs well on my upstream paddles on the Kish.

Rocktown Adventure is the place to go. Talk with any of the guys there and they will go out of their way to fit you into a great kayak.

If you go there on Saturday they can probably have the kayaks you are interested in at their Open Pool Session on Sunday for you to try out.


  • Rocktown Adventure Paddle Sport Open Pool Session:

    at 4:00pm - 7:00pm
    Boylan Swim Complex
  • 4120 Latham St, Rockford, Illinois 61103
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Seat comfort and lumbar support are important, especially for us older guys!

Absolutely, the seat is wonderful on my coosa with great back support and the raised seat helps my back be more comfortable as well.

I do wish the Coosa weighed a little less and was a little faster on big water, my dream kayak if I ever get another one might be the Jackson Cuda LT (lightweight) however I sure like the supreme maneuverability of the Coosa. Unbeatable on small rivers. I guess the best of both worlds would be to have one of each (one shorter, wider, very maneuverable kayak like the Coosa for rivers , one longer pointier one for longer paddles on bigger water). Not feasable from a cost standpoint for me at this time.


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I currently have a sit on top Jackson Cuda12 and a sit in Native Watercraft Ultimate 12. Both have their pros and cons and both are very stable to stand. I often stand and fly fish from them.

The Jackson is a bit better for the river and the other for cold water ponds etc...


Happy hunting

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Happy to.


While being a sit in, which is normally a bit better for lakes, I have been on close to 50-60 river trips with it and had not trouble with maneuverability, tracking or anything else.

On Lakes it is very stable to stand and fish from. The seats in this series is second to none for comfort. If you do a lot of coasting, then get out to fish several times on a trip the sit on can be better due to you bringing water in the boat each time you get in, so I carry a sponge. All in all I really enjoy this vessel. Plus its about 10+ pounds lighter than the Jackson sit on.


If you need more let me know. My brother has a sit in and its a Wilderness System Commander 12 also a nice unit but we have swapped before and I think the Ultimate 12 is more stable.


Good luck and maybe we'll see you on the water

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Thanks Mark, looking for stability and easy loading.Thought a bilge or Sponge would be a necessity in the Ultimate. I get down to Oswego on occasion but stay around Batavia for the most part unless I get a hankering for out a state fishing. Did you buy the ultimate locally? I do appreciate the feedback.

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