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NW Region Outing 8/15

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Looks like this one just might happen.

This outing IS NOT just for the fly guy. I want to see spin guys also.

Sorry, let me be morer politicly correct....

This outing IS NOT just for the fly guy/gal. I want to see spin guys/gals also. (more better)


Please let me know so I can warn the cafe.




If you missed it the first time, then this is your chance to make it up.

We will meet at the Cherry Valley Cafe @ 7:30am. > https://plus.google....out?gl=us&hl=en
After breakfast we will breakout our fly gear and enjoy a nice relaxing day of smallies on a fly.
Spin gear guys are always welcomed.
Contact Terry Dodge for more info > http://illinoissmall...hp?showuser=877

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Had a good time sharing breakfast and the river with you guys. I led the non traditional fly fishing group. Technically Jim was fly fishing but he was using a tenkara. To me it looked like he was fishing with a 12 foot telescoping cane pole with no reel and a fly at the end of his lie. It started out with me, Jim and the 2 seventy year old Paul's. My father dropped of early because he had things to do. The other Paul caught one but the section I picked had some rugged wading. Paul caught one nice smallmouth on a tube but then he dropped off mid morning. Jim wanted to fish and we kept pushing on. A few hours into it we ran into Jude and fished for a few more hours. Handicapped with a cane pole, Jim did pretty good catching 3 different species of fish along with his personal best 17" smallmouth on a topwater fly. Jude caught about 10 including a 16.5" smallmouth. I caught around 15 including my biggest local smallmouth of the year. A fat 18" smallmouth went for a slider and senko fished in a distinct current break. I really enjoyed the camaraderie so thanks for putting this together Terry. I hope your group found good fishing and good times.



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Sounds like you guys did pretty good.

I took my group (Pat M, Bill K, Frank, and myself) on the long hike down to the river. Once at the river Pat and Bill began

to wade down-stream, while Frank and I waded up-stream, mainly to get some space between us.

Frank and I had a tough time on the Kishwaukee while Pat and Bill seemed to be getting into some fish, as it looked as

though they would come together from time to time to snap a pic, which it ended up they were.

Bill cheated and brought a bait caster and ended up be the top dog of our group with a total count of 5 or 6, largest being 15".

Pat was the top fly caster of our group with 3 or 4, not sure how large.

I'll let Pat and Bill fill you in with their details.

Frank and I each got skunked.

We all ended up joining together once again and we continued to wade further down-stream.

I heard what sounded like a rumble off in the distance

and Frank looked at me and said..."Yes, that's thunder." We were pretty far from our takeout so we had to hightail it back, which really sucks when you're high tailing against a current. The thunder seemed to mix into one continuous.

I never saw any electro flashes of light, but better safe than sorry.

Pat and Bill called it a day, Frank and I headed to a creek and kind of waited out the storm.

We both switched over to spin gear and Franked ended his skunk by landing 3 smallmouth with the wacky rig.

I took the skunk home.





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Pat M got things going early with a fish within about 10 or 15 minutes, then his luck dried up. I scored a 12"-er on a buzz bait shortly afterward, then picked up 5 more - the 2 largest both at 15", and both on a black Vibra Grub (a leech-imitating ribbon bait). Swim jig and plastic craw also yielded fish. Smallies seemed holding tight to submerged wood near the stream bank, in both shade and sun.


Able to get a few photos of our group:


Our tour guide



Pat M working the bank cut



Frank from a long way off




Nice to get together and meet a couple members for the first time. Thanks, Terry, for setting this up.


Bill K



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The 2 largest both at 15", and both on a black Vibra Grub (a leech-imitating ribbon bait).


Which is a remake of Paul T's Power Leech.


Thought that stretch we did might be hot due to the high water levels most of the year, couldn't have been fished much.

I guess I was wrong. Would have liked to seen more action. It was nice to see everyone again. Maybe next time the bite will be on.

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I guess I need to look at events tab. I fished way upriver N.B.K Saturday if I was wading with you guys I wouldn't have had to portage 100+ times over a log strewn river in my kayak. What a chore but fun fishing dumb fish who never seen a fisherman before.

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