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I'm Stupid!

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That's right. I'm going "Full Stupid" this Saturday, June 20.

Be sure to check in this Sunday, June 21 to see my report.

That is as long as there are no storms on Saturday.

I HATE all this rain, but it can't keep mr from my Kish.


The look of stupid......



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with a fuller beard, you could be Jude's twin brother .


nothing wrong with donning the waders to keep off the mud, the bugs and the poison ivy .

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What are you going to go over the Belvidere dam in a garbage can at flood stage? That would be pretty stupid.


If that's the case, put me down for a ticket.

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Being I am a 2nd shift worker and don't own an alarm clock, I was wondering what time in the AM does stupid start?

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Doesn't it usually start when the boss says something ? I work 2cd shift and own an alarm clock, stupid can jump up any time after it goes off .

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I'm stupid, but not as stupid as some of you might think.

With the rivers running high and my arms aching for a fight, I decided to pump up my

personal pontoon, Misty, and hike her for a mile across land to a little Kishwaukee River backwater area known as the Blue-Hole.

I wasn't in a race so I took my time and a couple breaks along the way and still made the mile hike in 40 minutes time.


Shoved off from port and started casting topwater as I made my way towards the deep water that

surrounds the railroad bridge. The Blue-Hole has been over taken by a thick weed growth and made casting anything else

other than a topwater very difficult. The water clarity was crystal clear as I quietly paddled my way using my kayak paddle.

I knew from past visits (from many years ago) that the Blue-Hole was weedy, and this is why I chose to leave the normal rowboat style oars at home and bring the yak stick. Sometimes I surprise myself when I do smart things like that.

I couldn't find any action this side of the bridge or around the bridge. I thought for sure I would find some action at the bridge, but the only action I could muster was a locomotive as it passed by.


On the other side of the bridge there was an open pocket of water between two weed bed areas. I parked Misty and myself in the pocket area and began to toss a Blaze Popper and nailed a 12" pike on the first cast in the area.

Unfortunately about a second and a half before the timer triggered my camera to shoot, the damn slimy thing jumped up out of my grasp and back into the water, leaving me with this one and only dumbfounded CPR photo....


I kept casting the area and had many, many, many, chases, attacks, blowups, just all kinds of action, but could never get anything to hook up. Some of the splashes were quite huge. I had my fly rod with and probably should have gone after them with that, but I didn't.

The next few hours saw no action and fatigue began to set in as I could see the sky in the west begin to grow dark.

Packed it all in and up and started the mile hike back to the car. I ran in to a couple hikers along the way.

One on my hike to, and one on my hike from. Each hiker was kind of startled when they came upon me, and with each

passing I would just mumble "I ain't got nothing better to do with my life."

Saw these and they made me think of Jude, so I had to stop and snap a quick pic.....


All in all I had a good time and didn't get skunked, so I'm happy.

And of course I ran across someone stupider than me....


The area is getting dumped on again as I post this.

Starting to really not like rain.


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