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Terry Dodge

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Check the garbage can or compost bin. Wives tend to throw that stuff out like it is going out of style. Especially after the two year anniversary. My wife buried mine in the vermi-compost feed bin.

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Check out Luther Dickinson's song "Mojo, Mojo" on his solo album. (Member of North Mississippi Allstars). He may have your answer.

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If you recently switched fishing hats, it may have flown the coop with the hat. I've found mojo has an affinity for hats, especially those that are best described as very well broken in. the new hat must be eased into the mix slowly and allowed to sit next to the old hat when neither is in use.


Leaving the last lure you caught fish on attached to your rod/reel while not in use also helps keeps mojo around. You should leave it on until you arrive at the place you intend to fish. It may then be removed if your gut instinct says use something else.


One way to help invite mojo back is to follow this ritual.


Upon arrival at the river, put on the lanyard with your line cutter around your neck. Then place the lanyard on your glasses and put them on. Then place your fishing hat on. Then take off your left shoe and sock. Insert your foot into the wading sock. Insert the left leg into your waders and pull on but do not tie the left wading boot. Follow the same procedure with the right foot/leg. Stand up fasten the suspender over your left shoulder and then the right shoulder. Next tie the right boot, followed by your left boot. Put the wading belt on so the male end of the belt is on the same side as the male end as the suspender.


Once you invoke this ritual and the mojo returns, you must do it that way every time or the mojo may leave once again.


If you desire you may also dance nude around a fire at midnight with virgins. With the spirit of the Swami to inspire you in the dance, you may be blessed with enough mojo for three fisherman. Then again you might just have a good time.

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