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Can we help the DuPage Forest Preserve to stock Smallmouth

Dan Basore

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I would hope the ISA could help this project with a grant. Where did they get the fish that were stocked in the DuPage River after the cleanup on the West Branch a few years ago?

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I used to target carp there years ago, don't know what's in there now.

I drove by a good size Forest Preserve lake at rte 56 & Naper blvd yesterday named Danada L.Anybody have any experience fishing it? A ranger told me it is stocked periodically.

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I was told the DuPage has been a self sustaining bass fishery and that it held about as many bass as the habitat could support. Therefore additional stocking was not a good idea. What happened? Was there a change in spawning success that caused the number of fish to decline or has something else changed?

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This is an interesting subject to me, specifically at this time.
I was looking to help them stock Herrick Lake after their "total winter kill" and was told by their Executive Natural Resources Director in very strong terms that it is "not our job" to concern ourselves with it, and he was quite adamant on the phone about that.
The unprofessionalism I received from the FPD left a very sour taste in my mouth.

The river is one thing, the lakes....I would need to speak to somebody that puts the resource above himself in order to do any business with them in that regard.

I think you know how I feel about the situation, Dan.
I reached out in a very professional and courteous manner and was embarrassed beyond words.


That is all I have to say publicly about the matter.

There was more. Much more.

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How unprofessional and financially irresponsible to not even consider help from a group that has proven they can be trusted .

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There were fish kills this winter in many of the forest preserve lakes and ponds as well as private ones. It's our organizations choice if we wish to help smallmouth fishing here. There are many new personnel including the Executive Director.


I understand more than anyone the sleights and faulty actions that may come from some. While teaching a Cub Scout fishing a sherif served me papers to take my property away under eminent domain. It made me look like I was a criminal. We were able through the press to not only remain in our home but now those running for forest preserve board seats pledge to never take such actions.


Let's keep our efforts on our goals to improve fishing especially for our beloved smallmouth, pass our passion on to others especially youth and help in any way we can to provide more opportunities to add more quality smallmouth fishing near us whenever we can.


Perhaps the appropriate ISA people will want to meet and get to know the new and existing people to explore how we can work together. I'll help in any way I can.

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