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  1. Thanks for all your help over the years and recently. Dan Basore
  2. The FLW CUP where the winner won $500,000 is on NBC today Sunday 10/5 on NBC.. In Chacago that's WMAQ. I was there for MIDWEST OUTDOORS and have an article in this months (October) issue. It was a contest of ounces. By supporting fishing on a major networkl we may get more.
  3. Illinois Outdoor Hall of Fame Welcomes Three Conservation Advocates in 2014 Class SPRINGFIELD, IL – Three individuals with decades of service promoting conservation causes and natural resources education have been selected for induction into the Illinois Outdoor Hall of Fame. Daniel E. (Dan) Basore of Warrenville, Paul E. Kelley of Hudson, and Charles S. (Charlie) Potter, Jr. of Lake Forest have been selected as the Class of 2014 for the Illinois Outdoor Hall of Fame, a program of the Illinois Conservation Foundation. They will be introduced during a ceremony at Conservation World at the
  4. Out buying old lures yesterday and discovered a great place for any ISA smallmouth lover. The inside is waiting to be finished so you handymen may want to call John Schnell at 815-954-2056. The house is located at 40 Mill Street, Momence. There's a 14 pound walleye and nice smallmouth mounted in John's mother's home and he loves fishing the Kank. Asking $99,999.99.
  5. Several have asked about the 20% discount on the spinning reel I had at the ISA picnic and the Blowout. The discount is available if you call them at 727-845-8250 or from their Web Site www.wavespinreel.com mention code do8ws. All reels except their ZTR1500 and ZTR3000 will be discounted 20%. This is the only spinning reel I use now as it casts farther and avoids tangles and birds nests. At ICAST and the FLW CUP EXPO they demonstrated these reels in casting demos to rave reviews.
  6. Visited the open house at the Blackwell Forest Preserve just before our ISA picnic and was pleased to see they are raising smallmouth there. They are open to our having a meeting there.
  7. There were fish kills this winter in many of the forest preserve lakes and ponds as well as private ones. It's our organizations choice if we wish to help smallmouth fishing here. There are many new personnel including the Executive Director. I understand more than anyone the sleights and faulty actions that may come from some. While teaching a Cub Scout fishing a sherif served me papers to take my property away under eminent domain. It made me look like I was a criminal. We were able through the press to not only remain in our home but now those running for forest preserve board seats pl
  8. Talked with fisheries biologist Dan today. He got the OK to stock smallmouth but couldn't find a hatchery to supply them. In addition to rivers he'd like to add them to their lakes.
  9. Finally finished all of my shows. What a great season topped by the ISA Blowout. Your request yielded the recovery of many fond memories. The attention to speakers is most appreciated as some crowds rudely talk and disrupt programs, but there was none of this at the blowout. We truly have a great membership. Never knowing how a presentation will go it was a thrill for this old geezer to get such a great response to Denny and I. Now to just get over my cold, follow up with the 99 people who want me to get their old tackle and fish trying out some of the latest gear. Lures truly, Dan
  10. Following a lot of research I've published an article on what I believe is the best smallmouth bass fishing in the world. Just a short drive away is some of the richest waters that produce an abundance of our beloved fish. We got the exclusive interview and info on the 10 pound 4 ounce giant taken there. I and Pat Galyan both landed 7 pounders in late May and plan to fish there several more days this year. When referring to Green Bay I include Sturgeon Bay too. There are all levels of accommodations and you can wade, take your own or rent a canoe, kayak or fish from a bass boat with gr
  11. Had a great visit with him at ICAST last summer. Took pictures talked about teaching kids to fish. Seems un real. Loosing too many of my fishin pals. Must live life too the fullest so fished all day.
  12. Looks like its both shows at the same time again next year. I've been exhibiting our Historical Fishing Display at Rosemont since 1982. Started to work sports shows since the 1960s in Indiana before moving here. Rosemont was great as we're most sports shows back then. But so many groups have pulled us apart it seems that fishermen and the fishing industry continues to try to self destruct. Schaumburg is run by the Association of Sports Fishing and I believe they are trying to put Rosemont out of business. So many groups have split off and now have their own shows. And who can beat th
  13. The white on these plastic lures is a mold that comes off easily with dish washing soap then rinse. Always looking for old lures, manufacturers catalogs, pre level wind casting reels and more. Will be at the Sandwich Plano show this weekend
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