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Vermilion river property for sale

John Gillio

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A friend is selling his riverfront property in Oglesby. It is 23 acres with 1/4 mile of frontage on the Vermilion river across from Matthiessen State Park. The home is 850 square ft. with two bedrooms and one bath overlooking the river. The river features good fishing for white bass, catfish, and smallmouth bass, with many other species present also. Contact Bob Huber at Coldwell Banker, Phone 815-780-8702. The property is owned by James and Carol Krancic of Vermilion River Photography. I hate to see it sold, but who would appreciate it more than a fisherman? Lots of wildlife and scenery.


This is a nice section of river for flyfishing. More info can be seen at coldwellbankertoday.com.

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Boy, I sure wish I had the funds to scoop that property up. Of course, if I lived there, I would never go to work.



I hear the 1/4 mile adjacent and upstream may be for sale soon also. It is also a very nice stretch of river. I feel your pain. If I had the funds they would both be mine.

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Maybe move the ISA Headquarters there... of course both properties would be required for that; annual meetings, trainings, hosting youth camp and fish etc. It would be somewhat of a write off right?


Rent the place out to ISA members to help pay for upkeep and the mortgage.


Okay officers, run with it!

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You may want to bring the new owners some garden vegetables. Gotta retain that access you had for so many years.

Yes, I have been fishing it all my life. One reason for being somewhat grim. Another reason being the former owners hated to see it go. It has been in the family for as far back as I remember. He is has been an avid fly fisherman, and there are many family memories there. A daughter just got married on the grounds a couple years back. It was a beautiful event. The kids didn't want to see it go either, but they are no longer in the area and upkeep is getting to to a hassle. Too much work for us older folk. I am glad they were able to sell it though and not have to worry about upkeep of the grounds any longer.

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