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ISA/Ken-Rock Seminar

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The NW Region will be conducting a smallmouth bass fishing seminar entitled "Backyard Bronzeback" at

Ken-Rock Community Center in Rockford, IL.

Any members wishing to lend a hand to deliver an outstanding seminar to the community contact terrydodge by

way of the message board here on the site.


Click here for info on the seminar....


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I can't count as good as Ed B. but I'm pretty sure this is like less than a month away.


Mike the canoe is up to you.


We still may need some help with this so if you can make yourself available it would be greatly appreciated.

Learning from last years Ken-Rock Seminar, this years will be a bit more fast paced. We lost more than half of the crowd

when we stopped to take a potty break half way through. No break this time.


Click the link....


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29 more days, I think.


It sounds like you already have a full plate. Assuming Tim or someone else will talk about kayaks etc., I will come by car instead. I don't want to turn it into a boat show.

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Mike, bring your vise and maybe tie a couple near the end of the program during social time.

We have absolutely no idea of what kind of turnout we'll have. To be honest, I wouldn't expect the kind of turnout we had last year (50).

I check with John at Ken-Rock yesterday and he said about 10 people have called asking about it.

It looks as if Paul, Tim and myself are going to be doing all the presenting.

I'll kick off the program with whatever words fall out of my mouth

and then I'll go into a thing on the whys and hows of Catch & Release.

Paul and his assistant Tim will do a power point presentation again like last years, followed by

Tim doing a thing on kayaks and then we will end with

social time.

The seminar will take as long as it takes, but at a faster pace than last years.

Would like to have a strong support showing of our members.

Who else can make it?


Ken-Rock Seminar


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Just received an email John @ Ken-Rock sent out to local TV stations and local news paper......



John Guth
To joan_sage@cable.comcast.comlocal@rrstar.comsports@rrstar.comcommunityrelations@wifr.comnews@wifr.comnews@wrex.comnewsdesk@wtvo.comMe
Today at 10:17 AM

For Immediate Release

For more information contact Ken-Rock Community Center at 398-8864.


What: Smallmouth bass fishing seminar.

Who: The Illinois Smallmouth Alliance.

Where: Ken-Rock Com. Center, 3218 11th St, Rockford, IL 61109 (815) 398-8864

When: Saturday April 12, 2014 @ 11am. Cost: FREE

The Illinois Smallmouth Alliance (ISA) in conjunction with Ken-Rock Community Center presents "Backyard Bronzeback". A free fishing seminar about tactics for smallmouth bass on local creeks and rivers in northern Illinois. Learn from some of the best local smallmouth fishermen what type of baits work best, type of gear needed, locating, methods, proper catch & release tactics, and why to practice catch & release for smallmouth bass. ISA membership info will also be available. There is great smallmouth fishing just outside your backdoor.

John K. Guth

Executive Director

Ken-Rock Community Center

3218 11th Street

Rockford, IL 61109


815-494-8007 Cell

“There’s a neighborhood inside”




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At least Paul will be speaking so it's not total malarkey.


Yeah! And Paul has already been catching smallmouth this year, so now what do you have to say Mr. Scott?

Maybe we'll take our little seminar on tour and and show up in your area so that you can attend and start catching

smallies like Paul is. Then again....Maybe we won't. HA! Good luck this year, Mr. Scott.

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Let's skip breakfast as I am heading off to work and know body has said yes to it.

Skip it.


Mike - Yes all that show will receive a membership brochure and of course we will speak on what a great origination the ISA is.


Tim - Might? Make a decision, Marine.

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This was our second year at Ken-Rock delivering a local smallmouth bass fishing seminar to the community.

Numbers were not as good as last years but all that attended (17) seemed to be serious hard-core smallmouthers.

I started off the program touching base on Catch & Release a spoke a tad about the ISA. Paul followed me with his

presentation on the "Hows" and "whats" of smallmouth fishing. After Paul's performance. Tim took the stage and

covered kayak smallmouth fishing. Mike G. set up a table to tie some flies and discuss fly fishing for smallies for those

who might be interested. Closing out the program we handed out 5 door prizes of which the lucky ticket holders got to

choose two (2) items from Paul's Box of Goodies, and then again we discussed the ISA, what we do, what we have done, and

benefits of being an ISA member. We signed up 4 NEW MEMBERS.

All in all it was a "HAIL" of time.

A BIG THANKS to Mike G and ericg for helping out.


Next will have to be bigger and better.



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