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Any interest in an ISA fly swap?

Rob G

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Photos of the flies from this swap may be viewed in the ISA photo gallery under Rob G.'s photo album,

"Top Water Flies of the ISA BassBuggers 2014"

Link below:





Would anyone be interested in an official ISA fly swap? This being the first, I would like to keep it simple and think we could focus on

"Topwater Smallmouth Flies" We will limit the number of entries to 10 participants. The deadline for having your flies sent in would be February 20th and sign up date is Feb. 1st so a sample set or two could be donated to the Blowout as a silent auction prize. If you're not familiar with a swap, the following rules should answer most questions but if not, please feel free to contact me or "rich mc"

1. Flies will be tied according to the specific rules of the swap such as (Top water, streamer, Etc.). You will need to tie a quantity of flies equal to the number of entries (+ 1) again depending on how many swappers we have and if we want to leave 1 or 2 sets for the Blowout. Maximum flies tied will be 11.

2. (Toe tag flies) each fly will need to have a small piece of paper attached to the bend of the hook with the swappers name on it. (This makes it easy for swapmeister to divide up prior to being sent back)
3. Flies will be mailed in a crush proof box. Altoids cans are perfect (Please no expensive Trout fly cases)
4. Box will be sent to swapmeister (with a stamped self-addressed envelope)
(Do not put postage money in envelope)
5. Flies must be mailed before deadline date so as to arrive by deadline date.

Any member that drops out of any swap should contact the swapmeister in advance of the deadline.

So what say ye of the ISA Bassbuggers? You could even incorporate some UV materials in them if you desire :)

BTW, if you know the name of the fly you will be tying, let me know and I'll post it next to your name.


Swappers so far - Sign up ends Feb. 1st or when we get 10 individuals to commit. Flies must be in by Feb. 20th !

Please "Top Water" Flies only on this one

1 Tom L - Craft Fur Muddler - rec.

2 Mike G - Stealth Bomber - rec.

3 Rob G - Big Black Bug - rec.

4 Rich Mc - Flash fly

5 Ryan Kral - the KGB

6 Jack H - Harford Horse Fly - rec.

7 Jim Wright - Blockhead Popper - rec.

8 Colt Johnson - Bumble Bee Floater

9 tgoodmanii - Gurgler - rec.

10 ForrestM - Krebs Popper - rec.

updated as of 2/12/14

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Sounds interesting. Swaps I have been in had a max number of tyers like 10 so that I was not looking at having to commit to producing 20 or more flies. 10 for the swap with 2 spares for the ISA sounds good to me.


OK so we might not even get 10. Let's just have a safety valve where it splits into 2 groups if tyers exceed 10. Then too there has to be a deadline to sign up so one knows how many to tie. Can you squeeze all that in before the Blowout?

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I think you've made a very very good point. Let's say, the first 10 are in and that way we can keep the flies tied to 11 or less. Mike/Tom, when do you think sign up should end?

Btw, once I have collected all the flies, I'll take photos and post here on the site.

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im in. I have been in and ran many swaps on flytyingforum.com deadline should be about feb 20th if you are bringing them to the blowout. rich mc



I know you to have vast experience at managing these swaps. If you would care to act as swapmeister, I would quickly defer to your expertise.

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Take the plunge yourself. rich has a lot on his plate for between now and the Blowout. The swapmeister job is easy. I have even done it. (Can't do it this time.) There are some good tips on FAOL. http://www.flyanglersonline.com/bb/showthread.php?12466-Important-Swap-Items&p=131257&mode=linear#post131257


As rich noted, the deadline for having flies in should be Feb 20 so they should be mailed by the 17th. That assures that you have them for the Blowout; you can do the mailing to tiers later.


To be on the safe side, I would put the signup deadline on Feb 3 so tiers know how many flies they have to make and can have time to get more materials if they need to.


I have seen it before where the pattern the person is going to tie is listed after the tier's name on the signup. For the record put Stealth Bomber after my name.

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Guest rich mc

there is ten tyers and the swapmeister. everyone ties ten of the same flies. he gets the swapmeisters and doesnt get his back. yes it is a good idea to name the fly or color. I hope rob ties his big ugly .

I am to busy to run this swap rich mc

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The same exact fly or is different variations of the same fly acceptable?

My two cents is that variations is fine since my flies vary a bit anyway. But I should defer to the swapmeister for an ofishal reling.

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Terry, you're not getting paid for this so I say come as you wish. Normally you try to tie up 11 flies all the same but variations are acceptable. I personally was involved in one swap and ran out of materials for all 15 flies and had to substitute slightly on the last couple in order to finish on time because I couldn't get my needed materials fast enough. So please feel free to join in.


I'll take Mike's advice and state now that last sign up date is February 1st and all flies must be in by February 20th. Gives everyone a month to tie no more than 11 flies. I'm indifferent to some degree about naming your fly choice early, although for diversity sake, 10 poppers turned in would not be the end of the world, it would be nice to receive a nice variety. So if you know now what you want to tie, let me know and I'll place that by your name. There is nothing wrong with selecting a fly that is already mentioned, such as a popper, because we all know they can be very different.

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the idea is to tie maybe 11 flies maximum (the exact number will depend on the number of entries) of the exact same pattern, a topwater fly that you would think is excellent for smallmouth. You will send them to me, I'll then take one fly from everyone's contributions and send a complete set back to you. Every tier will get a complete set but you won't get your own fly back. If we tie a couple extra then we'll have a nice set or two that can be donated for the ISA Blowout auction. If you're interested, just let me know because this is a limited time offer, not available in any store, but if you act now.................... :)

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Colt, you're in.


Only 1 spot remaining


Remember this is a limited time offer. Actually if the response is good and people enjoy this, then we can have other swaps down the road with a focus on different flies such as streamers or crayfish patterns.

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Awesome. Thanks guys. I have participated in several of these on other forums. They are pretty fun, and I am always surprised by the variety and quality of flies exchanged.


As a side note, I once tried a different spin on this same idea. I tied up a dozen flies and distributed them to the first twelve PM's, announcing a "fishing contest". The only requirement to receive a fly was to promise to post photos of the fish that the recipient caught using the fly under the same thread. It turned out pretty fun and a variety of fish were caught.


This forum seems to have a lot of talented fly tiers, so I am particularly excited for this swap.




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BTW, if you know the name of the fly you will be tying, let me know and I'll post it next to your name. If you would like to post a photo of what you'll be tying, please feel free to do so but it is not necessary, only so someone else isn't likely to tie the same exact fly

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