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Andy C

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Dana lives in Washington.

Here's a message Dana left on Facebook shortly after the storm.......



Dana Lee - As far as I know everyone is good man. Just missed us. Family and friends lost some of their places. I was out trying to help a couple ppl and came home because of all the ppl getting in the way gawking and taking pictures. We just need lots of prayers right now.
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Our thoughts and best wishes go out to Dana and his relatives/friends.


Several small communities around here in east central IL were devastated as well. I had gone over to Indy for the day in order to browse a couple fly fishing shops but the drive back home was thru some of the worst weather I have ever driven in. I finally decided to seek some relief and pulled into a McDonalds but when I walked in, all the people in the store were huddled up back in the kitchen area, apparently I had just missed a tornado that had swept thru.

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Imo the weather in the USA has become with climate change the worst anywhere in the temperate regions of the world. I doubt that the plethora of tornadoes & violent straightline storms so common thruout the year every year in this country occur nearly as often anywhere else in the temperate world.

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