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Muskie Crusher

Tim A

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Tied this in a few colors for upcoming attempts at Muskie. It combines the features of Granato's "Chupacabra" and Jared's "Outlaw," both renown fish-catchers. Its mostly flash and craft fur (still on "hide" like a fat zonker) with an EP brush head. This one is 9" long on a 5/0 hook.


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Wide loops on a 10wt. Much of the length is flash and a little kinky fiber, so all the water absorption will be in the front 4.5". We'll see how these fish. I might trim the craft fur hides thinner next batch--they're about 1/2" wide and 2" long right now. And there's a rattle in there somewhere...

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Very nice Tim, sorry I'm gonna miss you by a day up north. That thing will be a breeze to cast, especially with a 10wt. My last trip I was throwing big flies, that were mainly natural materials. They were heavy for sure, but still able to cast them fine with an 8 and 9wt. All about changing up the cast a bit, as you know. FYI, we will be floating the Namekagon Friday if you're still around! Ryan

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